Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20 2014 -- Summer Rum Plans Revealed

Summer is here (OK – OK – Close enough!!) So this Friday evening I will discuss our plans for the Summer – to get you to more rum!

In early July – We will be spending some time in Michigan. Primarily the Holland area. I hope to sniff out some new rum – stop by known ones (Holland Brewery and Distillery – Be on the lookout!) and in general do a report (I may even try some rum drinks and get back to you on those as I am always trying to expand my rum drink palette as well. In parts of August we will be in the Traverse City environs and scouting out old friends and new up there as well....

Since I will be on the road, away from home (Alright burglars – There are people at my house 24/7 practically) from time-to-time you will see some Blogs from the past. Many of them featuring the very places I may be re-discovering this time. When I come back we will be updating you on the old friends and hopefully introducing you on the new...


Speaking of new, I mentioned a new Rum coming on the market from, Roulaison Distilling. I have made contact with Andrew Lohfeld who is as enthusiastic as any distiller I have talked to and still focused on his goal... Product and getting that product to the market.
It seems Andrew has a real love affair with at least two things, Rum and New Orleans. For either I can assign no blame. In fact I NEED to head back to NOLA and of course there are a few great Rums in that areas as well. Roulaison is planned to have another great rum as well.
In an email, Mr Lohfeld comments; “There's so much a rum can be that a whiskey can't ….” I can not argue with that as well. Not wanting a battle between Rum and Whiskey, they are, to me, completely separate spirits. My feeling is direct, but I am biased and I feel even with the various complexities in aging and flavors that Whiskey is a great jumping off point to get into Rum. I have said to more than one person who says “You should try XXX Whiskey/Bourbon etc it's so much more than just a rum.” “Really?” I say in answer, “You realize that whiskey, essentially is moonshine in a barrel?” Rum is a different class. Its white, un-aged version, literally the “moonshine” of rum, is more complex than its corn/grain-cousins. So Andrew's excitement in, “....the opportunity for innovation and creativity that's completely untapped in the category.” Sounds like music to my ears, zydeco music to be precise...

The whole idea seems to have been born into Andrews work in a Bourbon Distillery, full time learning the whole distillation process. Enter his long-time friend, Patrick.

“Patrick has been working in private equity in NYC, but had been looking for an excuse to move back home to the New Orleans area. Rum came into play after I fell in love with the opportunity for innovation and creativity that's completely untapped in the category. There's so much a rum can be that a whiskey can't; plus compared to their whiskey counterparts, there are so few craft distilleries just making rum and I wanted to help change that. After that revelation, I decided to approach Patrick, who I had know from college, to ask for advice in picking a city to start in. Next thing we knew, we were on a plane to NOLA to check out the town and Patrick and I partnered up to set the rum world on fire. (metaphorically speaking, we don't have any plans to make a navy strength rum as of yet...)
“....Secondly, we're are still in the very early stages of existence. (as you might have been able to tell from our pictureless-egg status on twitter) We're only mid-fundraising, so you've got at least 9 months before we have any official product to send as samples. In the mean time though, we're shoring up our bottle and label designs, looking for our production location, finalizing our relationship with our cane supplier, and picking out equipment.
“In terms of actual product, we're going to be producing a full-flavored, double alembic pot distilled, completely un-chill filtered and un-charcoal filtered, un-aged white rum, followed by an aged rum once she's ready. Both produced using locally sourced molasses and with all of the fermenting, distilling and aging done in house. Something a little less modern, more historic, and all around different, utilizing the most vibrant sugar cane industry in the country that just happens to be right at our doorstep.”

Andrew left the door open for more Q&A and I plan to take him up on that as time goes by. In the meantime, I would be honored to be included in any taste-testing as you develop your brand. Please include us in your “build” we'd love to share pictures, stories etc and hope to “raid” your website, Twitter etc for information as you move forward. New Orleans is a great place for Rum and Great Rums fit in there so well... Best to you Patrick, Andrew and all of Roulaison Distilling... From:

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