Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Rum Distiller round-up

As always, I try to find new Distillers to add to our knowledge and the ever-growing directory on the blog page (It's over to the left, under PLACES TO VISIT) that can help you in your home state or when planning a trip to another state - to see f you can find a Rum Distiller or at least a store that sells in-state Craft Rums. Many times new Distillers and very micro-Distillers don't get much out-of-state business so distributors may not carry them outside their home state. Believe me -- that is a long way from making the Rum bad.... So be open to new ones. That is why I encourage trips to the Distillers --- Can't find a better place to sample the wares!

Let's see who we have found -- and where they operate:

#1 -- Hawaii
Manulele Distillers, LLC
92-1700 Kunia Road
Kunia, Hawaii 96759

They have a website and they have a Facebook page.  I SO want to visit!! I will be filling you in as I gain more knowledge -- so keep coming back as we will be getting much more "regular" in our postings.... 

#2 --  North Carolina
Fair Game Beverage Co.
220 Lorax Lane #15
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Their Facebook Page, they also have a barely new website. For those of you who are regular readers you may recall Mississippi River Distillery's sorghum, rum from our Iowa trip. Well here is another Distill developing the same -- If you have not tasted it; don't pass by an opportunity. This proposed rum is high on my Gotta Taste list

#3 -- New Hampshire

Flag Hill Distillery
297 North River Road (Route 155)
Lee, NH 03861 

They do have a website and a Facebook Page. I have so many invitations to the East Coast and environs, I may have to take a week to visit. Great to have another Distillery to add onto the list.... 

Sketchy details for now - but I shall reveal as I discover... It's more than 1/2 the fun!!

I don't know about you -- But I have had fun. I will be checking back soon with some more details about each of these and hopefully many more Distillers!!!
And remember -- When you taste a good rum -- It is perfectly normal to:
Lick the Glass

Until next week --- (Watch for us Monday -- we are gearing up into our Summer Mode!) I remain:
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