Friday, April 11, 2014

Rum News - Friday, April 11

So I wanted to make sure I stopped by to say hi to all and keep the subject of rum in the interest zone of my readers. I want to talk all the time but just don't want to babble and not at least try to give you some useful news and or ideas. This week, I feel more like myself as Chicago weather is finally starting to be more like Spring. So my creative juice (I only have juice, not juices) has begun to stir.

I managed to work on the site a bit - made a few updates to the directory. I have been mentioning this site in American Made Rum, and trying to Tweet occasionally about it too. I need to get over to and update as well there..... The main thing is now I feel like getting back into the swing.

Winter is somewhat of a slow period for me as travel is less and my chances of getting to distilleries is less - new or old. Now that I can not only drive my car easier - I can already begin to put the top down - making long drives The Thing! So beware those Distillers near to me... The Rum Runner will be prowling.

Speaking of Distillers, I want to be involved in a Bottling Party. I have been invited a few time and have not been able to make it for one reason or another; Please keep inviting me!! Those who haven't please do! I might even be open to a long distance party, given some lead time. So, Please drop me a line next time you are planning a BP. Just note I will most likely be so busy asking questions, writing notes and taking pictures that I wont really be bottling much!

Speaking of Striped Pig - We were, weren't we? here is a cool thing they are doing - I am looking into and YOU should too!

The Art of Distillation

A Striped Pig Class on the
Introduction to Craft Spirit Production

Interested in learning more about spirit production? Want to know more about the craft spirits industry? Whatever you are looking to learn about distillation, this is the perfect introductory course, taught by our own Head Distiller, Johnny Pieper. The class will be held at the distillery on Saturday, April 26.

Tickets must be paid for by April 23 and may be purchased by calling 843-276-3201 or emailing

So for this week -- I am STILL:
 Rick -- YOUR Rumrunner

See Ya...........

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