Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sitting, Sipping & Talking Rum

The remarkable thing about getting involved in this fun journey into Craft Rum is the news that just continues. I try to encourage cross reading here at RTRR and our Facebook Page, American Made Rum [AMR], but often feature tid-bits for both on either. My, that's an interesting sentence. Information about the rum and all the great places that make and sell it (and pass out tastes) just abounds. Of course much of it is very time sensitive - so that is why I direct you to AMR, as the page is updated by the distillers and enthusiasts, so it is always up to date. If you haven't -- go there and click the LIKE button...

In that vein -- let's look at mail, AMR, and the inside of my head.
For those of you looking for a good, free Rss Reader please check out Feedspot. Proud to say RTRR is featured there, another way to keep up with Rick, The Rum Runner....

Paging through the Albany Distilling Company's newsletter we find:

Our brand new Quackenbush Still House Albany Amber Rum is now available! After waiting more than six long months while it aged in our used Ironweed Bourbon barrels, we finally got it out and into bottles. Look for it in fine liquor stores throughout the Capital District.

(Here is a Distiller obsessed with Quality control and specific fine taste.. They age their Rum (Rhymes with Yum) in their own used Bourbon Barrels... Yeah - they're like that...)

From American Made Rum: (Smart-Assed comments in Parentheses are all mine...)

Tours at 12, 2 & 4. Open from 12-5, we will be barrel sampling the Anejo that we will be releasing in a couple months. Must be 21 or older to enter the Railean Distillery.

(You may be just 21 when you enter but I bet you want to stay till you're 40)

Busted Barrel is available at Shop Rite Liquors in Caldwell. Get some & your Saturday will be much more fun!

(At least they have each other to keep themselves company - Hurry, bet they are gone already!)

Old Sugar is again hosting bands for Make Music Madison on June 21st! 9 bands are slated to play from 11am to midnight, and Underground will even be grilling homemade brats and more! Don't miss it!
Underground Butcher, established in 2012, is a full service butcher located on Williamson Street in downtown Madison, specializing in whole animal butchery of beef, pork, lamb & goat. Underground Butc...
[use link to read more]

(This sounds altogether Yummy -- Food, music and Old Sugar Rum..... WOW)

I will: See ya later!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Rum Distiller round-up

As always, I try to find new Distillers to add to our knowledge and the ever-growing directory on the blog page (It's over to the left, under PLACES TO VISIT) that can help you in your home state or when planning a trip to another state - to see f you can find a Rum Distiller or at least a store that sells in-state Craft Rums. Many times new Distillers and very micro-Distillers don't get much out-of-state business so distributors may not carry them outside their home state. Believe me -- that is a long way from making the Rum bad.... So be open to new ones. That is why I encourage trips to the Distillers --- Can't find a better place to sample the wares!

Let's see who we have found -- and where they operate:

#1 -- Hawaii
Manulele Distillers, LLC
92-1700 Kunia Road
Kunia, Hawaii 96759

They have a website and they have a Facebook page.  I SO want to visit!! I will be filling you in as I gain more knowledge -- so keep coming back as we will be getting much more "regular" in our postings.... 

#2 --  North Carolina
Fair Game Beverage Co.
220 Lorax Lane #15
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Their Facebook Page, they also have a barely new website. For those of you who are regular readers you may recall Mississippi River Distillery's sorghum, rum from our Iowa trip. Well here is another Distill developing the same -- If you have not tasted it; don't pass by an opportunity. This proposed rum is high on my Gotta Taste list

#3 -- New Hampshire

Flag Hill Distillery
297 North River Road (Route 155)
Lee, NH 03861 

They do have a website and a Facebook Page. I have so many invitations to the East Coast and environs, I may have to take a week to visit. Great to have another Distillery to add onto the list.... 

Sketchy details for now - but I shall reveal as I discover... It's more than 1/2 the fun!!

I don't know about you -- But I have had fun. I will be checking back soon with some more details about each of these and hopefully many more Distillers!!!
And remember -- When you taste a good rum -- It is perfectly normal to:
Lick the Glass

Until next week --- (Watch for us Monday -- we are gearing up into our Summer Mode!) I remain:
Rick The Rum Runners blog is a proud Contributor toy Liquor.com - Drinkwire...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Have A Great - Happy Easter!

Rick the Rum Runner here, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I also want to proclaim it is truly Spring and let the Stills crank up!!!

Till next time!
Rick - The Rum Runner

Friday, April 11, 2014

Rum News - Friday, April 11

So I wanted to make sure I stopped by to say hi to all and keep the subject of rum in the interest zone of my readers. I want to talk all the time but just don't want to babble and not at least try to give you some useful news and or ideas. This week, I feel more like myself as Chicago weather is finally starting to be more like Spring. So my creative juice (I only have juice, not juices) has begun to stir.

I managed to work on the site a bit - made a few updates to the directory. I have been mentioning this site in American Made Rum, and trying to Tweet occasionally about it too. I need to get over to RumRatings.com and update as well there..... The main thing is now I feel like getting back into the swing.

Winter is somewhat of a slow period for me as travel is less and my chances of getting to distilleries is less - new or old. Now that I can not only drive my car easier - I can already begin to put the top down - making long drives The Thing! So beware those Distillers near to me... The Rum Runner will be prowling.

Speaking of Distillers, I want to be involved in a Bottling Party. I have been invited a few time and have not been able to make it for one reason or another; Please keep inviting me!! Those who haven't please do! I might even be open to a long distance party, given some lead time. So, Please drop me a line next time you are planning a BP. Just note I will most likely be so busy asking questions, writing notes and taking pictures that I wont really be bottling much!

Speaking of Striped Pig - We were, weren't we? here is a cool thing they are doing - I am looking into and YOU should too!

The Art of Distillation

A Striped Pig Class on the
Introduction to Craft Spirit Production

Interested in learning more about spirit production? Want to know more about the craft spirits industry? Whatever you are looking to learn about distillation, this is the perfect introductory course, taught by our own Head Distiller, Johnny Pieper. The class will be held at the distillery on Saturday, April 26.

Tickets must be paid for by April 23 and may be purchased by calling 843-276-3201 or emailing info@stripedpigdistillery.com.

So for this week -- I am STILL:
 Rick -- YOUR Rumrunner

See Ya...........

Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday Check in - April 4 - 2014

Sorry for the shortness today -- I have a thousand non-rum based things happening today (sigh - but I AM having fun!) so little time for a blog here today -- Still.... The weather here near Chicago had moderated... Now I am dieing for some Rum Drinks..

My ultimate favorite rum drink and I hope on of yours!
Of course you get to choose your favorite rums. I was introduced to the Ultimate Rum Punch (URP) while on the island of St Kitts. They tour group used CSR (Now - gone but never forgotten!) which is a white rum. I can see so many variations to this using some of the GREAT craft Rums now made right in the USA! Don't be afraid! Experiment and you will make YOUR URP!

See you soon!