Friday, March 07, 2014

Sampling Weekend - Preview, Mid-Best

If you follow my blog (thank you BTW) you know I have had the pleasure recently in discovering some new Rums coming onto the market. One of these, Mid-Best Distillery, is a known Whiskey and Moonshine Distiller, but, they are looking seriously at the Rum drinker. They have two rums marketed. One a clear - the other what they call a Red Rum. More on that later.
They are growing, they have a website that is still being constructed and a busy Facebook page. They are near me (a 6 hour drive) and they sound serious. Well, Mike Anderson contacted me and asked if I would lend my taste of their rums in pursuit of "the Rum" they wanted. I find that Distillers are like this; Distilling is NOT a job, it is a passion and a search for "the taste".  To be included is an honor for me and a real bonus for you, the faithful reader. 
The two bottles they sent are NOT the ones they sell, they were sent special, just for me... Am I spoiled? - Yes, yes I am. So I took a picture and put aside my favorite tasting glass, readying myself for an honest taste and written report - not just to you but to Mike and the whole gang at Mid-Best.

Let's look at the two Spirits and talk about expectations, what I know and what I am am about to find out.

This is the White Rum. You can see - they are looking first for the Right product - not a name, a rum. I cracked the seal and sniffed and can tell you this: Aroma? Yes a definite, sweet smell. I detect molasses and some sugar. Just a whiff of cotton candy and a faint butterscotch. I confess - got a bit of watering of the mouth... I resisted the taste, for suspense and the fact that I want to set up perhaps a short video and give the tasting the proper time it does, and should demand. I have to say, however. The aroma is very tempting. 

While we are sniffing, let's talk white rums in general. I most mas marketed rums, the white, or clear or crystal ones are meant mostly for mixing. Now, craft made rums in general, tend to be MUCH more flavorful and tend toward the sipping rums we enjoy. That said, there are sipping mass markets and mixing crafts out there. Just an observation from me and a few fellow sippers.

From the smell - I am looking for a full bodied taste, sip-able for sure.

Okay, now it is time for Holly's Redrum, Rum. Now, if you are thinking --- Marketing - Cute bit just marketing... It gos beyond that. Redrum (Murder?) and Red Rum ... Oh wait -- aged in Cherry wood! RED RUM! I had to whiff this one!

As you know, I started this whole thing as a devoted white rum drinker who liked only the sweetest amber rums. Well after converting to Craft Rums, I fell in love with aged rums, completely. When I inhaled this rum the lightness struck me. Often the wood is equal or even primary in the aromas of aged rums. Not so, Holly's. The butterscotch is now more prevent. It still has a molasses background, but yes.. a cherry-wood aroma is there. The wood is sweet in its self, and really lends a complexity to the aroma. Can NOT wait to pour this and sink my substantial nose into it.
Since I have cooked using cherry-wood -- the idea use of it in the aging is fascinating! In cooking the wood taste is subtle, and does add a bit of sweetness. I will anticipate some of that in the Rum.

So..... Let's talk tasting!! Well - I am going to make you wait until Monday (March 10). I will post it at 7AM Central Time, so you can begin to drool over your morning toast. I will try to find out more about where, when and how we can buy these when they do hit the market -- but for now - you'll have to go there to try it or stop by my house... Hurry - it won't last long I bet!

Until then --  I AM

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