Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday -- Follow up and News!

I may not publish as often as 2013 - but the idea was to have some good content and make sure I get Friday's blog - so You can plan your weekend. In that vein -- let's look at what's up ---


Last weeks Mid-Best Tasting really blew the top off the readership here -- Glad so many people came and read. The numbers have not really backed off so that's a sign I got your interest. That said, please check out the comments after that article, as it gives us even more insight to Mid-Best. Mr. Al Griffin writes about his experiences here. A great blog there, Al!

Looking around -- Let me update you on the Rum World. 
I found out about a new book about Alcohol Consumption. They tout the project as "We've written a book that's all about the intriguing world of booze. Drink from the cup of knowledge.... A comprehensive resource on the history, mechanics, influences, and economics of alcohol. An unbiased look at alcohol consumption, relevant to everyone." I find their way of financing it creative! LINK

Grand Traverse Distillery in Grand Traverse MI has announced a downtown Traverse City location. This place is one of my wife's and my favorite destinations and having been BIG fans of GTD for a long time (Love their Vodkas as well) we are excited for a number of reasons, but the biggest is that they will be coming out with their RUM soon!!! -- I have some promises of getting a taste -- but no bottle yet (sigh). They spread the news here:
"Todays is a historic day for us as we have just signed a lease for 215 E. Front Street in downtown Traverse City, Michigan for our latest Grand Traverse Distillery Tasting Room. With this spot we now have 5 tasting rooms in Michigan and we have plans for more in the coming years.
"We also just finished our renovations out at the main distillery tasting room with the final piece [new carpet] being laid yesterday so if you are in the area stop by and see the new look and have a cocktail!"
VERY nice to read that news!

From American Made Rum:
Balcones Distillery  
Thank you Whisky Magazine! Balcones Brimstone Resurrection is World's Best American Whisky at 2014 World Whisky Awards!
Bottling batch 5 of the amber rum on Sunday. It's all grown up.

Recently came across a rum I hadn't seen before - Number 0, pretty tasty indeed! Anyone else tried it yet? (my rating is lonely)
Framing the first wall of the tasting room! ‪#‎drinkjersey‬ ‪#‎craftdistillerlife‬

 Striped Pig Distillery 
 added 100 photos from March 4 to the album Melany Mullins surprise 40th Birthday Party at Striped Pig — at Striped Pig Distillery.
Great Stuff -- Hope to meet many of you soon -- I am :

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