Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday -- End of March Catch-up

Alcohol seems to bring out the strangeness in many people -- Governments even more so. Over the years I have begun to appreciate the hoops Distillers have to go to gain permission to make, make distribute and sell their spirits. Recently we have talked about new rums coming on line and that a few of the Distillers were including me in early tastes just to get the word out there or for the fact that they trust me (watch out!). That said and not naming anyone I will rant a bit about alcohol regulations.
It seems in many states the people who distill alcohol can't sell it, or they can't sell it where they make it -- some places let them give it away (tasting) some regulate how much (some not so much). Other places allow shipping to other states - others only allow some states - some states don't allow shipping to other states at all, if you are a Distiller... Whew. Shipping alcohol from one state to another is a whole complicated thing. Some states won't allow you to ship booze.... But I have heard euphemisms for the liquor of choice - like Processed Molasses samples, or Aged Sugar Solution... I bet we all can come up with some. One state that wont allow a Distiller to ship their product unless they are a Wholesaler, ignores the fact that a person working there can "buy" a bottle, and ship it to a friend as a gift. I think the government just tries to make us get smarter, certainly smarter than them - Not a big job...

Let's see what else we can find out!

Posted on American Made Rum -- we find:

In case you missed us at The Dee Armstrong Show , here is the clip. Begins at 21:25 minuted, all the way to the end 

Always nice to hear from Richland. I have to get back down there and tour the expansion!

Good morning Sarasota!
 As a Midwesterner -- Dieing for days like this!!
So I am "Jumping Shipwreck" appropriate for a Pirate-loving rum maker!
 My Tropical Drink name?   Dirty Island Escape..... Sounds yummy!!!

Til Next week - I profess to be yours only - as :

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