Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Time Rum Musings

Sitting here outside Chicago, Winter has been pretty unrelenting. I like cool, even cold weather but weeks at a  time below freezing 34/7 as well as many many continuous hours below zero, it can get a bit trying. For me the days of sun and warmth (I hate heat -- anything in/above the upper 80's and humid is my worst) lay ahead and cooling drinks and outdoor times, exploration and discovery become easier and so much more enjoyable.
That said, things in the Distilling world don't stop on a day to day basis -- Let's look at a few thing I have just found.
From Grand Traverse Distillery, who I really like but have always urged them to GET A RUM into your product line!!! -- I Beamed when I saw this in their newsletter:

It has been a long cold winter and it wont leave just yet but we feel that if we move on to Spring topics maybe the weather will follow? 
Landis's Distiller's Corner

Hello everyone, from your friendly neighborhood distiller!
This will be a big year for whiskey production! We are in the process of tripling the amount of whiskey we are putting up for both Old George and our Bourbon! Hopefully we will have enough so that in the future you can find our whiskeys in retail stores (if we don't drink it all ourselves that is!)

We have 5 barrels of rum that are aging as we speak, and initial tasting says this is going to be a phenomenal spirit! We are working on the package for a clear rum (you will be hearing more about that this summer), and will possible be launching a new white whiskey!

Stay tuned, your friendly neighbor hood distiller has all the inside scoops!
Your friendly neighborhood distiller,

YES!!! Oh I want a Taste -- I want a Taste!!

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