Wednesday, February 05, 2014

We can not Forget -- Puerto Rican Rum!!

Often as I look though emails and tweets I have suggestions, articles, even outright pleas to include such and such rum. I turn many of them down as I decided to devote my time and utter lack of talent to American Made Rums. But, that does not include Puerto Rico, who, while is not a State of the Union is Territory of the United States. Since they make luscious Rums -- Why not??!! 

So, today we look at and taste  Ron Del Barrilito Rum Especial Three Star (there is a 2-Star). It is distiller blended and rested in charred oak barrels between 6 and 10 years. They don't rush Quality. I have not found an internet website for either the rum nor the Maker/distributor. I will update when/if we find more.

I poured a nice sample and immediately explored the bouquet. I find a real butterscotch (the smell seems to telegraph sweetness). It is very pleasant. At Spirit Taste 2013 one female participant said, upon smelling a similarly blessed rum bouquet, "I could wear this as perfume." Barrilito is one just like that!

Let's sip:
Very smooth, extremely subtle and tasty. At 43% (86 Proof) Alcohol this is a great proof for sipping. The Oak Char is present but not overpowering. The initial smoothness has a sweetness associated to it. The sweetness lingers and for me, intensifies making for a long, deep, wonderful finish.
This rum can easily stand up to a mix -- but a splash of water or a cube (even a cold stone disk) is all it really needs. For me -- This could lead to another Dark & Stormy Rum!
Check your local distributors or Liquor Shops that specialize in great Rum selections... I will be rating this on as soon as it is listed.....

That's it for today!

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