Tuesday, February 25, 2014

News from around the Rum World 2/26/14

While things are slow in the Midwest due to a Winter who has a tenacious grip on us, the Rum World moves on....

Good to see things like this going on -- go to see Tailwinds Distilling getting mentions! 
There's nothing like having amazing friends and fans and we are so lucky to have so many great ones. This picture is from the home bar of an amazing supporter since the beginning, Brad Heron, in Wisconsin. Thanks for being AWESOME, Brad!

Great to see real fans of a very good (so I hear -- still waiting for a taste) Rum... May 
have to head up to Brad's for a sip... The Striped Pigs people sound like SO much fun and real driven Distillers. They are on my list for a visit.
Great to hear news from Journeyman!
Today marks our 600th Mash. We can hardly believe it! A big thank you to all of our loyal fans.
Privateer Rum is another rum I need to get a taste of!
RT @PrivateerRum RT @rumdood Tonight's dinner conversation was mostly me telling my wife how awesome my talk with @halfpintmaggie from @PrivateerRum was. ‪#‎rum‬ ‪#‎fanboy‬
Montanaya is checking in and one of our favorites from Spirit Tastes 2013!
Bay Area bartenders! Montanya Distillers will be at The Tonga Room in San Francisco today for a trade-focused rum event! Come see us!
See ya next time! -- Taste the Rum -- Lick the Glass!!


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