Monday, January 06, 2014

Who Reads This Stuff??

Just going through the stats as I had in the last Blog Post and wanted to brag a bit... Pour a healthy hit of a fine aged Rum and lets chat.

Looking at "Who reads this stuff" I found for the Ten Ten:

#10 - Poland
#9 - Ukraine
#8 - Canada
#7 - United Kingdom
#6 - Netherlands
#5 - France
#4 - Russia
#3 - Germany
#2 - China
The #1 source of readership is....... The United States.
The number one spot did not surprise me - You take into account the blog is in English, it's Facebook page is named American Made Rum and the spot is nearly pre-determined. I was a bit surprised at Canada's #8 -- I figured them at a higher finish - but grateful for the interest.
Those positions are All Time. For example a day usually has a smaller total (they show the top ten or less) but you glimpse a new country now and then. as an example -- Hello to Greece who is visiting as I type this.

We also find the way people find us has changed. In the beginning, most of you found us via American Made Rum, or invitation, or perhaps through a Distiller. Now, Google tops the list followed by DrinkWire, our publisher via That collaboration has caused a read spurt of readership and pageviews here.

No matter how you found us -- thank you;

and stop by often as we explore new rums, new astes and new fun!

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