Friday, January 03, 2014

Twas a Long Year -- But Rum Fun!

Happy 2014 and a time to look back at RTRR and how we've grown. Since we started in November of 2012, truly 2013 was our first, full year. As the year was coming to an end -- I began to really follow some statistics about this blog. breaks down stats by Now(the last hour), Day, Week, Month and All Time. I think (hope) you may find some of these stats interesting too, and worth the look back.
Lets look at POSTS

This shows two posts have been accessed. One -- Happy New YEAR!  . The next is Prichard's Crystal Rum - Tasting. I find that just fun and when a post dating back to November is being looked at I get a little pride in the fact that someone, looking for information used RTRR as a source.

We have eight posts being looked at over the last 24.. From our visit to Le Clair Iowa back in April - A Trip To LeClaire Iowa -- In Search Of   to the current day post: Happy New Year.

We have only the top ten posts accessed for the week. Here is where the pattern starts to show. Obviously the #1 is then latest post and is that way 90% of the time -- That is, in this case the Happy New Year post as already noted. The #2 - is telling to me. the post goes back to July -- has multiple pageviews. Friday -- Rum News! 
Why is that??

Again only the top ten are shown. Topping the list (and a recent surge to the top I might add) is an article blog from earlier December Rum search -- Louisiana! . I have noticed hit on this blog post from day one. It is shaping up to be a pageview favorite so far. We will see if it has staying power.
Wrapping up the ten spot is Awards & Fun Stuff but the #9 spot is Distiller Visit – Tailwinds Distilling Co. I find this interesting in the fact that it is one of the earliest blogs and our very first distiller visit!

So there you are, looking at stats over the last year and finding interest by You, the rum drinker, the Aficionado, the Fan the Enthusiast perhaps even Distiller; that plays out over time. That said, I need help. Over the coming year and hopefully for a long time to come, Rum Distillers of craft, premium Rums will come and go. I pride myself in having a decently current list. But the list is now long. How is Still there that needs to be removed? Who needs to be there that I don't know about? I surf the web and cull my tweets looking for those I overlook -- but each of you do that too, to some extent. Please, put my email address in your book and use it -- drop us a line and tell us of new additions, or those who may have fallen, or changes we need to let everyone know of.
Pour a warmer, enjoy responsibly and please -- drink, enjoy and live the rum-life!

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