Friday, January 10, 2014

Searching Rum Distillers January 2014

My fingers are flexed, the arthritis held at bay. I begin my search - looking everywhere for distilleries - Rum Distilleries in particular. Today -- I will mention the ones I have discovered, and will fill you all in once I make contact and we can speak at length... So far:

Rumson's Rum -- In Salem MA. I have made preliminary contact -- Looking to find out more They seem to be in the birth process. We will let you know -- Their: Website 

Greenbar Craft Distillery - Located in California - although not sure exactly where. They have a long list of Spirits and are of an environmentally responsible direction. I think they represent many items and are a centrally located distributor(?). they have Rum, marketed under the CRUSOE name I will pass on more as I learn it. Their: Website

While I searched I went through Illinois again (home State boy here!!)... Here is what I found:

North Shore Distillery, Lake Bluff IL. They have a Rum - but I could not find it when I went to their Website. As I find out more - You will too!

An fascinating one in Illinois is Rumshine Distilling. They make Rum distilled from White Sugar (called "That Purple Stuff") and Honey("Brass") -- Sounds interesting!! Website Facebook
I will be looking in on them!

So that is about all we have today. Do me a favor -- Search these out - let them know you found out about them here and let me know what you find. Also, if you find a new Distiller (new to you and us!) please drop me a line. If you are a Rum Distiller -- please let me know!!
Just remember -- I am:

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