Friday, January 17, 2014

Rum Hunt -- Chicago - Score!

So, I felt we needed to look around the State of Illinois - Chicago even better - for more craft rums. Lo an behold - I get a new Tweeter/follower - who is directing me to their Facebook page (Yes I went there read it & liked it) and letting me know they had received my email. I LOVE that when it works!

I clicked, looked around and have to say I am impressed. Who am I speaking of? Why CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar, of course! Here is the introduction to their story:

Our Story
Making outstanding spirits and bottling them in a great-looking package wasn’t enough. We figured you’d want to tour our distillery and learn a little about the science of making alcohol. But who wants just a tiny pour of a warm sample after the tour? We want a drink! So, we built a cocktail bar in our distillery. Where you can enjoy our spirits the right way – on the rocks, shaken and icy cold, or in a delicious, original CH cocktail. And because we get hungry when we drink, we hired acclaimed chefs to make great food and bar snacks that pair perfectly with our spirits. Have a bite before dinner, or make a meal from our menu. Either way, stay a while and enjoy Chicago’s only distillery cocktail bar!

They have quite an assortment of spirits that they distill, along with a rum. Let them fill us in:

CH Rum
Made from pure molasses, with a touch of blackstrap for richness. Lightly aged in oak for smoothness. Try it in a Classic Sour or Daiquiri. Available exclusively in the CH Cocktail Bar. (40% Alcohol by Volume)

Sounds nice. It is now on my seek out and visit list. It is about an hour away from me -- sounds like a nice drive - stop and have a sip -- maybe get a tour. Visit their site -- pick a date and have a nice time!

I did notice on their tour, they offer their Gin or Vodka for tasting (great, I am sure) but I bet they'd get you a sample of Rum if you ask - especially in advance when you make a reservation. That way you can sample what we read this blog for.... Rum.

On another tangent - I like the whole Cocktail Bar aspect. They are open 5pm to Midnight - so it is not a local "hangout" but a nice bar to have a few drinks (they have both food and drink menus on their website). 

974574eb7fbb907d07335dbec442fd0bIt was nice making a connection with a Chicagoland Distiller. Anyone who lives in or around the city should pay them a visit. Great place if you are planning a Rum Road Trip as well. In fact if you plan to visit - let me know - I might join you! 

So, until next week, I remain Rick -- you very own Rum Runner

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