Friday, January 24, 2014

Off to Wisconsin -- Looking for Rum!

We are pretty familiar with Rum Distillers in Wisconsin. However, we are always looking for more. The search is never ending and fun too. So we are acquainted with: Great Lakes Distillery and they are on our list for a visit and taste soon. There is Yahara Bay Distillers also on that list. Finally,
Old Sugar Distillery rounds out the list of Distilleries we know about -- but need to visit. Today I did some searching and discovered another -- one that really piques my interest and makes me wish Winter was fading (not intensifying as it seems to be). 

We speak of The North Woods Distillery. I don't know a lot about them - but their Rum selections really caught me eye.

Heath - Premium Wisconsin Rum with Natural Toffee Flavor 46 Proof

Seriously -- Heath Toffee... Gotta roll that around my tongue!

Chocolat Mint Rum - Distilled with Mentha piperita/chocolat 56 Proof 
They say it is for the "perfect" Mojito. 

Perfect or not, tasting the attempt sounds good! Now, the proofs I see tell me the Rum is almost a pre-made drink (does not make it bad). The big question is what level of proof is in the base Rum used to make these flavors. They explain the process here:

What makes our spirits special:

When yeast metabolizes carbohydrates, many different alcohols are formed. The only alcohol that makes us "happy" is Ethyl Alcohol, the rest of the alcohols only contribute to character, that sad feeling in the morning, and the profit margin of the company that makes it. This means that a bottle of our Rum has more of the "Happy" alcohol than what is contained in some of our competitors products. Some of our major competitors even put spice in their Rum to cover up the taste of these toxins.

A unique distillation column cleans the alcohol and separates out the undesirable parts. When drinking beer or wine many undesirable compounds are consumed. The North Woods Distillery is able to fractionate out undesirables by controlling minute temperature changes; enabling us to precisely separate the different alcohols and other compounds which include:acetone, methanol, ethers, aldehyde, and fusel-oils.

Under federal guidelines, Rum has to be distilled at less than 190 proof. Most Rum is distilled in the 120 proof to 160 proof range, which can leave significant impurities from the mash in the final product. At The North Woods Distillery, we toe the 190 proof line by distilling at 187 proof, which helps us create a Rum that is Clean to the Extreme.

While this is an expensive process, we think you will agree the cost is well worth it. Once you taste the Spirits of the North Woods, you'll never go back to traditional Rum drinks again.

So we find another -- If you are familiar with The North Woods Distillery, please let me know what you think. If not but you live nearby -- Visit them and let them know we spotlighted them here. In the mean time -- we are making contact and here are some other links to find out more about them. 
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