Friday, January 24, 2014

Off to Wisconsin -- Looking for Rum!

We are pretty familiar with Rum Distillers in Wisconsin. However, we are always looking for more. The search is never ending and fun too. So we are acquainted with: Great Lakes Distillery and they are on our list for a visit and taste soon. There is Yahara Bay Distillers also on that list. Finally,
Old Sugar Distillery rounds out the list of Distilleries we know about -- but need to visit. Today I did some searching and discovered another -- one that really piques my interest and makes me wish Winter was fading (not intensifying as it seems to be). 

We speak of The North Woods Distillery. I don't know a lot about them - but their Rum selections really caught me eye.

Heath - Premium Wisconsin Rum with Natural Toffee Flavor 46 Proof

Seriously -- Heath Toffee... Gotta roll that around my tongue!

Chocolat Mint Rum - Distilled with Mentha piperita/chocolat 56 Proof 
They say it is for the "perfect" Mojito. 

Perfect or not, tasting the attempt sounds good! Now, the proofs I see tell me the Rum is almost a pre-made drink (does not make it bad). The big question is what level of proof is in the base Rum used to make these flavors. They explain the process here:

What makes our spirits special:

When yeast metabolizes carbohydrates, many different alcohols are formed. The only alcohol that makes us "happy" is Ethyl Alcohol, the rest of the alcohols only contribute to character, that sad feeling in the morning, and the profit margin of the company that makes it. This means that a bottle of our Rum has more of the "Happy" alcohol than what is contained in some of our competitors products. Some of our major competitors even put spice in their Rum to cover up the taste of these toxins.

A unique distillation column cleans the alcohol and separates out the undesirable parts. When drinking beer or wine many undesirable compounds are consumed. The North Woods Distillery is able to fractionate out undesirables by controlling minute temperature changes; enabling us to precisely separate the different alcohols and other compounds which include:acetone, methanol, ethers, aldehyde, and fusel-oils.

Under federal guidelines, Rum has to be distilled at less than 190 proof. Most Rum is distilled in the 120 proof to 160 proof range, which can leave significant impurities from the mash in the final product. At The North Woods Distillery, we toe the 190 proof line by distilling at 187 proof, which helps us create a Rum that is Clean to the Extreme.

While this is an expensive process, we think you will agree the cost is well worth it. Once you taste the Spirits of the North Woods, you'll never go back to traditional Rum drinks again.

So we find another -- If you are familiar with The North Woods Distillery, please let me know what you think. If not but you live nearby -- Visit them and let them know we spotlighted them here. In the mean time -- we are making contact and here are some other links to find out more about them. 
Website  Facebook 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

North Carolina Rum Find!

Always on the hunt (and WAY behind in updating my guide!), today we look at a Distiller in North Carolina; Broadslab Distillery. I was followed in Twitter and just love it when we find new distillers that way. Let's look into their place and see what we can see.

I read that their history is generations deep in the Moonshine craft. After out recent rip to Georgia and the Carolinas we find that many of the coastal areas have a rich history as Rum Distillers as well. A bit of their Distilling legacy for you:

Broadslab & Moonshine History

Published by Broadslab Distillery

There are many speculations as to how the flat, pine-forested region of southeastern Johnston County, North Carolina, known as "Broadslab," got its name. Some say it was the flat terrain of the area southeast of Benson, supposedly formed by a glancing meteorite strike eons ago. Others argue it was because of a broad road leading toward the coast that was constructed from pine slabs laid on the soggy flat land to keep wagons from miring down. But, no one argues about how the area got its reputation as the "Moonshine Capital" of North Carolina.

Since before the days of prohibition the "Broadslab" region has been known for the quality and quantity of home-brewed whiskey. produced by local entrepreneurs who sought to maximize the yields from their farm crops by converting grain into a more "liquid" commodity - white whiskey.

The dawning of prohibition, and the federal regulations and controls that followed, made the independent production of whiskey an illegal activity. However, out of economic necessity and constant demand, the craft continued – in stealth, mostly under the cloak of darkness, in ever changing isolated backwoods locations. In fact, the product of these illegal stills became known as "Moonshine," due to the operators making their distilling runs on moonlit nights, to avoid use of lights which were easily detected by revenue officers. The pursuits of these entrepreneurs and those who have pursued them, have created a long-standing and very colorful history, and a reputation which has gained notoriety across the country. Few if any, who have followed the craft and the lore of American Moonshining have not shared or heard tales of the exploits, perseverance, and quality of product that built the Broadslab legacy. ....

I cut it down a bit - you can read the entire story here

Let's look at the rum. First, they offer two:

History of Carolina Coast Spiced Rum

Published by Broadslab Distillery

Carolina Coast Spiced Rum, harkens back to the days of the Rumrunners who historically frequented the Carolina coastline from which this molasses-based product got its name.

Carolina Coast Spiced Rum is born of a rich family heritage. Our craft has been honed for over 150 years, through five generations of my family. Both sides of my family have been a part of the colorful moonshining legacy of Johnston County, North Carolina's Famous "Broadslab" region.

Now we have channeled the cumulative knowledge, experience, and expertise of these generations into the production of a premium quality spiced rum. Our Carolina Coast Spiced Rum pays tribute to another heritage, one that reaches back beyond our own, to the 18th century.

Back to the days when commerce moved on wind powered vessels, the rum trade frequented our Carolina coastline, and rum runners were frequently the victims of the pirates of the Carolinas, who prized rum as both a liquid commodity and a pleasurable escape.

Today we hope our Carolina Coast Spiced Rum will reflect your own special memories of pleasurable times on the Carolina Coast. Our Carolina Coast Spiced Rum is artisan crafted of the finest natural ingredients. We start with premium, table grade molasses and pure granulated cane sugar. Then our Carolina Coast is distilled in our custom crafted, solid copper, pot still, at our distillery in Johnston County, NC. The key to Carolina Coast's distinctively unique flavor, and rich amber color, is our secret recipe of all natural spices and flavorings; which are enhanced to perfection by aging in charred oak. You will find Carolina Coast to be the perfect spirit for your favorite rum drinks and delightful simply on the rocks. Carolina Coast is hand bottled in small batches, in 750 mL glass bottles, corked, and wax sealed. It is packaged 6 bottles per case.

We take pride in using American made packaging and materials.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

Their other Rum sounds good as well...

Sippably sweet and pure. Flavorful enough to mix. Distilled from sugar and sugar molasses - nothing else. (Gluten Free*) View Recipes
*Our Moonshine, Whiskey and Rum products have been tested by an independent lab to contain less than 5ppm of gluten.
 So -- Looks like I could spend a long, long time just trying to track down these great Rum Distillers. This sounds like a candidate for Road Trip!

Talk to you again -- soon..

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rum Hunt -- Chicago - Score!

So, I felt we needed to look around the State of Illinois - Chicago even better - for more craft rums. Lo an behold - I get a new Tweeter/follower - who is directing me to their Facebook page (Yes I went there read it & liked it) and letting me know they had received my email. I LOVE that when it works!

I clicked, looked around and have to say I am impressed. Who am I speaking of? Why CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar, of course! Here is the introduction to their story:

Our Story
Making outstanding spirits and bottling them in a great-looking package wasn’t enough. We figured you’d want to tour our distillery and learn a little about the science of making alcohol. But who wants just a tiny pour of a warm sample after the tour? We want a drink! So, we built a cocktail bar in our distillery. Where you can enjoy our spirits the right way – on the rocks, shaken and icy cold, or in a delicious, original CH cocktail. And because we get hungry when we drink, we hired acclaimed chefs to make great food and bar snacks that pair perfectly with our spirits. Have a bite before dinner, or make a meal from our menu. Either way, stay a while and enjoy Chicago’s only distillery cocktail bar!

They have quite an assortment of spirits that they distill, along with a rum. Let them fill us in:

CH Rum
Made from pure molasses, with a touch of blackstrap for richness. Lightly aged in oak for smoothness. Try it in a Classic Sour or Daiquiri. Available exclusively in the CH Cocktail Bar. (40% Alcohol by Volume)

Sounds nice. It is now on my seek out and visit list. It is about an hour away from me -- sounds like a nice drive - stop and have a sip -- maybe get a tour. Visit their site -- pick a date and have a nice time!

I did notice on their tour, they offer their Gin or Vodka for tasting (great, I am sure) but I bet they'd get you a sample of Rum if you ask - especially in advance when you make a reservation. That way you can sample what we read this blog for.... Rum.

On another tangent - I like the whole Cocktail Bar aspect. They are open 5pm to Midnight - so it is not a local "hangout" but a nice bar to have a few drinks (they have both food and drink menus on their website). 

974574eb7fbb907d07335dbec442fd0bIt was nice making a connection with a Chicagoland Distiller. Anyone who lives in or around the city should pay them a visit. Great place if you are planning a Rum Road Trip as well. In fact if you plan to visit - let me know - I might join you! 

So, until next week, I remain Rick -- you very own Rum Runner

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Greenbar Distillery - A New Find & More Information!

So the last few blogs this year have been all about finding new Distillers. Often the names and lists I find are out dated, too early or otherwise fruitless. Greenbar definitely was not!
Green Bar Collective - LogoAs my MO goes I sent them an inquiry via their contact page and got a delightful response from Mimi Mitrius. She gave me a lot of info and permission to spread the wealth, so to speak.

This is their Rum. Marketed under the Crusoe name, lending a nice island touch, I thought.  Their selections are organic and they try to be as green as possible in their manufacturing. An interesting place -- Their Website.  

To tell you more let's let the Distiller talk:

CRUSOE Organic silver rum

Inspired by the legendary Robinson CRUSOE, we make our mellow, modern rum with the best ingredients and the simplest methods. We start with organic molasses -- the richest and most flavorful. To retain as much flavor as possible, we borrowed a technique from our neighboring California wine makers (micro oxygenation). The results taste like no other rum made and help you craft exceptional rum cocktails like daiquiris and mojitos.



Dense sugar aroma with a caramel, grassy finish pair up to make your rum cocktails even better. CRUSOE shines in classic daiquiris.

I can almost taste it... ! This sounds like one we need to pursue!

They also have a Spiced Rum -- and since this variety has become a real pursuit of mine since my appreciation of it has been refired by truly great craft made spiced rums - I present it here for you!

CRUSOE Organic spiced rum

Inspired by the legendary Robinson CRUSOE, we make our mellow, modern rum with the best ingredients and the simplest methods. We start with organic molasses and sugarcane — the richest and most flavorful. To retain as much flavor as possible, we borrowed a technique from our neighboring California wine makers (micro oxygenation). The results taste like no other rum made and help you craft exceptional rum cocktails like daiquiris and mojitos.



What's a spiced rum without real spices? For each batch of CRUSOE spiced rum, we hand crush + slice whole allspice, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla, and hand zest fresh California oranges. Get ready for BIG flavor.

They have a great list of recipes, just click in teh ingrediant you want (we choose Rum, Duh!) and they even allow you to choose the time of year!! So I dialed up Winter and got this Gem!

The Honeymoon
1 1/2 oz CRUSOE spiced rum
3/4 oz FRUITLAB orange liqueur
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz honey syrup
2 dash BAR KEEP Chinese bitters
Glass Types: (Short)
Shake with ice
Strain into rocks glass over ice
That's it for today. Cherish the taste, Love the aroma..... Lick the glass

Friday, January 10, 2014

Searching Rum Distillers January 2014

My fingers are flexed, the arthritis held at bay. I begin my search - looking everywhere for distilleries - Rum Distilleries in particular. Today -- I will mention the ones I have discovered, and will fill you all in once I make contact and we can speak at length... So far:

Rumson's Rum -- In Salem MA. I have made preliminary contact -- Looking to find out more They seem to be in the birth process. We will let you know -- Their: Website 

Greenbar Craft Distillery - Located in California - although not sure exactly where. They have a long list of Spirits and are of an environmentally responsible direction. I think they represent many items and are a centrally located distributor(?). they have Rum, marketed under the CRUSOE name I will pass on more as I learn it. Their: Website

While I searched I went through Illinois again (home State boy here!!)... Here is what I found:

North Shore Distillery, Lake Bluff IL. They have a Rum - but I could not find it when I went to their Website. As I find out more - You will too!

An fascinating one in Illinois is Rumshine Distilling. They make Rum distilled from White Sugar (called "That Purple Stuff") and Honey("Brass") -- Sounds interesting!! Website Facebook
I will be looking in on them!

So that is about all we have today. Do me a favor -- Search these out - let them know you found out about them here and let me know what you find. Also, if you find a new Distiller (new to you and us!) please drop me a line. If you are a Rum Distiller -- please let me know!!
Just remember -- I am:

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bragging and Final Stats...

We have one more shot at statistics that make me smile. This list shows what Blogs are accessed most often - since day one. On the blog to the right you can always see the 10 ten read blog articles from the last 30 days (a month), but I get to see the All Time Most Read Blog Posts. So -- Here they are!
#10- With 110 views is Our Visit to Journeyman Distillery.   Published on, Jun 28, 2013
#9 -  With 112 views is Monday Morning Rum Oct 7, 2013
#8 -  With 118, It's a Tailwinds Take-Over! Oct 2, 2013
#7 -  At 127 views is Hello & Welcome to.... The Striped Pig Jul 17, 2013
#6 - News and Ideas From Around the Rum Bar Sep 4, 2013 - boasting 145 Views
#5 - Now we enter the elite -- the top 5! -- Starting with: Let's talk - Rock Town Distillery
 Posted on  Aug 23, 2013 with 146 Readers
The #4 - With 178 view we have Wednesday ---- Rum-Hump Day? Rump Day! Oct. 9, 2013
#3 - With 243 readers we have Muddy River Distillery May 19, 2013
#2 - 273 views of Distiller Visit – Tailwinds Distilling Co. Nov 14, 2012
And finally -- The #1 most viewed blog - since our first day blogging -- blowing away the rest of the pack........ Jersey Artisan Distilling – Licensed to Distill...... Jan 30, 2013 with a mind boggling 537 views!! Nearly twice the #2 count!

So that wraps up being all nostalgic about the past -- Let's look forward and see what is going to happen!
Lick The Glass!
Next up we hope to have information on a couple of new (new to us) Distillers of fine American Rum --- Come back often to keep up with the ever changing always fun world of Rick, the Rum Runner -- Till then - for the first time this year, remember - drink the rum and

Monday, January 06, 2014

Who Reads This Stuff??

Just going through the stats as I had in the last Blog Post and wanted to brag a bit... Pour a healthy hit of a fine aged Rum and lets chat.

Looking at "Who reads this stuff" I found for the Ten Ten:

#10 - Poland
#9 - Ukraine
#8 - Canada
#7 - United Kingdom
#6 - Netherlands
#5 - France
#4 - Russia
#3 - Germany
#2 - China
The #1 source of readership is....... The United States.
The number one spot did not surprise me - You take into account the blog is in English, it's Facebook page is named American Made Rum and the spot is nearly pre-determined. I was a bit surprised at Canada's #8 -- I figured them at a higher finish - but grateful for the interest.
Those positions are All Time. For example a day usually has a smaller total (they show the top ten or less) but you glimpse a new country now and then. as an example -- Hello to Greece who is visiting as I type this.

We also find the way people find us has changed. In the beginning, most of you found us via American Made Rum, or invitation, or perhaps through a Distiller. Now, Google tops the list followed by DrinkWire, our publisher via That collaboration has caused a read spurt of readership and pageviews here.

No matter how you found us -- thank you;

and stop by often as we explore new rums, new astes and new fun!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Twas a Long Year -- But Rum Fun!

Happy 2014 and a time to look back at RTRR and how we've grown. Since we started in November of 2012, truly 2013 was our first, full year. As the year was coming to an end -- I began to really follow some statistics about this blog. breaks down stats by Now(the last hour), Day, Week, Month and All Time. I think (hope) you may find some of these stats interesting too, and worth the look back.
Lets look at POSTS

This shows two posts have been accessed. One -- Happy New YEAR!  . The next is Prichard's Crystal Rum - Tasting. I find that just fun and when a post dating back to November is being looked at I get a little pride in the fact that someone, looking for information used RTRR as a source.

We have eight posts being looked at over the last 24.. From our visit to Le Clair Iowa back in April - A Trip To LeClaire Iowa -- In Search Of   to the current day post: Happy New Year.

We have only the top ten posts accessed for the week. Here is where the pattern starts to show. Obviously the #1 is then latest post and is that way 90% of the time -- That is, in this case the Happy New Year post as already noted. The #2 - is telling to me. the post goes back to July -- has multiple pageviews. Friday -- Rum News! 
Why is that??

Again only the top ten are shown. Topping the list (and a recent surge to the top I might add) is an article blog from earlier December Rum search -- Louisiana! . I have noticed hit on this blog post from day one. It is shaping up to be a pageview favorite so far. We will see if it has staying power.
Wrapping up the ten spot is Awards & Fun Stuff but the #9 spot is Distiller Visit – Tailwinds Distilling Co. I find this interesting in the fact that it is one of the earliest blogs and our very first distiller visit!

So there you are, looking at stats over the last year and finding interest by You, the rum drinker, the Aficionado, the Fan the Enthusiast perhaps even Distiller; that plays out over time. That said, I need help. Over the coming year and hopefully for a long time to come, Rum Distillers of craft, premium Rums will come and go. I pride myself in having a decently current list. But the list is now long. How is Still there that needs to be removed? Who needs to be there that I don't know about? I surf the web and cull my tweets looking for those I overlook -- but each of you do that too, to some extent. Please, put my email address in your book and use it -- drop us a line and tell us of new additions, or those who may have fallen, or changes we need to let everyone know of.
Pour a warmer, enjoy responsibly and please -- drink, enjoy and live the rum-life!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New YEAR!

If you've stopped here and read this - it is early 2014... A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you.
From me,