Monday, December 02, 2013

The Rum Search Continues.....

Many people think that I sit around all day and think about Rum. Oh you are so wrong. I actually work at it. I sit around all day, searching for Rum! I recently ran into a list of spirit distillers in the US and decided I'd search each on -- first, all that mention that they have rum as a product they distill, then, I would search again to see if ones that don't mention it have added it since the list was made (no date of origin).
It is quite an extensive list and many (most) distilleries listed as having Rum as part of their repertoire we already have listed. So, the painstaking process of searching - linking etc begins. Since the list is by State, alphabetically, I will begin with the first I find that way. I will attempt to do a few, linking them here in the blog as I introduce you to the new distillers I find, then adding them to the distiller list on the left of our blog-site. I hope to then follow up with more information, perhaps stories and the like, later.

So that all said, let's begin with:
A shot from Charbay Website
Charbay Distillery & Winery
4001 Spring Mountain Road
St Helena, Napa Valley, California 94574 

They have Rums listed upon their information so let's first visit their website.
We find out some interesting things. They list two Rums a Pot Still Rum and a Vanilla Bean Rum. I could not find much about them (tasting etc), but am pursuing this as we type. 

From their site:
"You won't find Charbay spirits everywhere. When you do, you'll know that restaurant, bar or store truly believes in offering you the finest in handcrafted spirits.

We're always here ready to help you personally if you have questions or you'd like help to find something. Give us a call or contact us.

State law does not permit us to sell/ship most of our spirits directly to CA customers."

So as you may surmise, we had to get up to 'C' to find the first Distillery. California has the next two as well. 

First we have:
Saint James Spirits
5220 Fourth Street Unit 17
Irwindale, CA. 91706
I clicked on their website and found a site with a few choices across genres of spirits. It would appear the Rum they make is Royale Hawaiian Pineapple Rum. It looks interesting and seem to be the only rum on their menu.

The next distiller and the last of this blog today, is:
Stillwater Spirits
 611 2nd Street
Petaluma CA - 94952

They do not, apparently, have a website but they do have a page on Facebook. With limited info I found Yelps an Google pages -- we are still trying to find out more (which includes an Email from You-Know-Who.... They have listed a rum in their product line so in true RTRR spirit.. we will not leave any bottle unturned in out search -- we will report more when we get it and we will up date our last as it grows!

Until next time,intrepid Rum Imbiber, have fun - taste heartily and Lick The Glass!

                                    I am -- despite efforts to make me stop:

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