Friday, December 06, 2013

Rum Search - Viva Hawaii!

We continue our search for new or overlooked Rum Distillers today -- looking now to the West; the
Way West! We find ourselves in Hawaii. Perfect, considering the temperatures many of us are experiencing now, Hawaii sounds wonderful!

Haleakala Distillers
This Distiller on Maui lays claim to the honor of being, "Hawai'i's oldest, most award-winning craft distiller." I have to admit their rums sound great. But more on that near the end of this.

First, we have Maui Dark Rum:
  • Winner of Gold Medal, 2009 
  • Winner of Silver Medal, 2008 
  • Both at International Rum Festival, Ybor City, FL 
  • Superb float on top of an authentic Maui Mai-Tai. 
  • This is the Dark Rum you will get if you order a Mai-Tai from the bar at the Westin Maui Resort, Haliimaile General Store, Merrimans Monkeypod, Roys  and many other well-known restaurants, bars and hotels all over Hawaii. 

You can take a bottle home in your checked luggage.  It will not open in transit, and is legal on all airlines,  in CHECKED LUGGAGE.

They have Maui Gold Rum: 

  • Favorable reviews, including a National Best ranking by Chicago Tribune in 2008.
  • This mellow, complex sipping rum has been compared with Golds from Caribbean distilleries over 300 years old, whose products cost $40++ per bottle.
  • You can take a bottle home from Maui, legal on all airlines in CHECKED LUGGAGE.  Sold at all fine spirits retailers in Hawaii.  Full list to the left, click on Where 2 Buy Hawaii.
  • Also available via Internet for delivery to most states.  

Man, this sounds deadly: BRADDAH KIMO'S EXTREME 155 PROOF RUM

  • Our most award-winning rum.  
  • 2 Golds and a Silver.      
  • Strongest rum you can buy.  

Oh my...!

They also offer this -- Pineapple Flavored Rum

Flavored with real Maui Gold Pineapple from Haliimaile Pineapple Co.   
Sweet like the pineapple and perfect for making real Maui Mai Tais and many other tropical drinks.

In reading their website, I notice they do not sell outside the islands much. They do have a growing list of places you can get their Rums. They do sound good so I may explore getting some here at the Rum Cave....

Next time we will explore another Hawaiian Distiller that offers a Sugar Cane Rum --- Save us as a favorite or get us on FeedSpot!!

So stay warm, think Hawaii and Aloha til next time!!

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