Friday, December 13, 2013

Rum Search - 2013 --- Missouri


We have a number of Distilleries on our list. Please go to the right of the blog and look at the list, by state of all Distilleries we know. The list changes often so refer to it whenever you feel a Rum Road Trip about to happen.

I have come across a couple of new (new to me) Distilleries that offer an American Made Rum:
First is Big Rock Distillery. 
Try as we might all we could find is this informative byte of information:
Big Rock Distillery LLC, Walnut Shade, MO 65771
Phone: (417) 294-0375, Address: 1901 Day Road, Walnut Shade, MO 65771. Big Rock Distillery LLC - Light Distillates for Walnut Shade, MO. 

So -- kind of a bust on that one...
Next in line? The Stable in St Louis....
Guess what? -- Gone! Closed - Kaput!

However we do know of two ongoing Distilleries that have been on our list for some time -- please, if you plan to visit ot live near these distilleries - stop by and tell them they were recommended by me - Rick The Rum Runner!

While I have not tasted it -  theirs sounds like a great rum -- tracing its heritage way back. Just read what they have to say about it:
"Island Gold Rum is our robust distilled spirit made from blackstrap molasses.  The Ozarks has a historical connection to molasses as a supplement due to its nutritional value as well as its pungent sweet flavor.
The molasses embodies a energetic powerful aroma that creates a full mouthed experience when drinking this spirit.  Lingering hints of raisin can be detected from the barrels we use.  Our barrels have a romantic history of once having dwelled in France storing wine before sojourning to Stone Hill Winery in Herman, Missouri where they resided aging cream sherry until finally making their way on yet another venture emitting character into our rum.
Our carefully slow cooked processing creates a gold rum that can and perhaps should be slowly sipped and savored. Buy Gold Rum Online Now.
We commonly hear from our visitors that they never really liked rum until they tasted Copper Run Rum"

A Brewery and Distillery -- When near St Louis, plan to stop by. Here is what they say about their Rums:

Our Island Time Rums are made from 100% gold cane syrup molasses directly from the cane fields of Florida.

Our Island Time Crystal & Amber Rums are currently available on the market.  Our Amber rum starts as the Crystal.  It is then aged in oak casks, giving it the characteristic amber color and adds slight vanilla overtones & mellowness.  BTI reviewed the Amber Rum and it scored 87 points, awarding it a Silver Medal.

So while we found a few Distillers in MO that have bit the Dust - These two seem to be ready and able to quench that thirst and wash the dust away.
Till next time -- Just call me -


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