Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Us to You

This is Rick - you personal Rum Runner wishing you and yours the Happiest of Holidays and hope that 2014 is better, healthier and more full of happiness and success to you all. When I sat down to type this all out I had little idea of what I had to say, but once here, I find a flood of messages and ideas to share.
We've had a great time. Who thought that a little idea I had just more than a year ago would grow so big in this time. Who would think that just a year ago at this time I had only visited 2 Distilleries in my life? Just a year later, over a dozen!
To the Distillers and owners and workers in these and every distillery I have had contact with, even if just an email or two; Thank you. Thanks for answering and being so gracious and helpful, so friendly and accommodating. The tours, the tastings, the souvenirs of our visits are greatly appreciated. Your stories of passion and resolute strength to succeed has been exciting and inspiring to be around and to have heard. The humor and openness is so refreshing. It IS a whole new community.
Let me tell you faithful readers, those of you, like myself, are here for the booze. We seek pleasure, satisfaction, perhaps a bit of Zen from a titillated drink that, on the surface, isn't hard to make. like Chess - easy to play, a lifetime of pursuit to master. So is the making of Rum. 
One thing that has stood out is the community of Distillery Masters who know each other, they compete against each other, they pursue the same awards, rewards, markets and customers, yet they respect each other. Sure, they each know that their recipe, their still, their marketing and niche is the one, the best. Yet, they also know they share much of that and most, while making a living, really want to just be heard.
I remember my first distillery tour (you know who you are - but I will not identify you here). I was wondering how I'd be accepted. I had only written a few blog entries and really had only the knowledge of what I had read about making rum to propel me into a conversation with one who made the spirit. I am a bit shy in person, most people don't know that as I will make myself move forward and make that first contact. It is like magic, a few minutes and I am fine. Of course bad experiences can hurt that process and I had no idea what to expect.

Just some of the great places we've seen and sampled, or hope to sample soon...
It was fascinating. The Distiller was open, informative, humorous, passionate and open to the idea of having someone who wanted to share their experiences with craft rum with others. Face it, we all know it's a business and spreading the word is important. Often though, manufacturers and business tend to follow the rules and regulations that are set down. New methods - or different ways of delivery are not always accepted. As I said earlier though, this is a different breed.
Rum makers are rum drinkers, rum drinkers and makers tend to be fun people who really just want others to share the fun What more could a guy learning about alcohol and its making and mixing and drinking, want?
So readers, and to those readers that are not makers, but are more like me -- enthusiasts.... Spread the word, let others know. Rick The Rum Runner is the portal to almost every rum distillery in the US. Our Facebook page, American Made Rum, is loaded with input from those who make and enjoy this spirit. Please visit it and click the like button, it makes me feel good and lets me know there are others out ther that want to learn - test and enjoy.... Rum

This will be the last entry for me in 2013. I'll be back Monday, January 6th. I hope to have updated the tings than need updating - I hope to have new news and more adventures for you. I hope you'll be here to read them, comment upon them and invite more to do the same. Please stop by during our downtime - I may have tidbits here for those faithful. Plus you can see if I really AM making and changes or just having fun with family and friends...

Best to you, yours and those closest to you. I remain:

See you in 2014!! -- Lick the glass!

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