Monday, December 16, 2013

A Monday Rumdate......

Your personal Runner here with some news, updates and stuff from around the rum cask.

If you recall our last blog, we were searching for a Hawaiian Rum Company called Kolani. I had said that it might be in the infancy stage and we'd try to make contact and get the story. Well I emailed Paul (to be truthful - no last name or as is most likely I have not seen it) at the email I could find. He emailed back and I am just going to paste the entire content for you.

Hello Rick,

Thanks for writing.   Kolani makes Old Lahaina Rums (website is   Our story is on that site.   We are on Facebook as well.  We are the best-selling local rum in Hawaii by far and have more than 400 businesses who sell our products on all the Hawaiian islands.   We are poured in the very best restaurants, at five star resorts, as well as motorcycle bars.   We are proud to be local and made in Hawaii – home of the finest sugar cane in the world.

We have mostly focused on making and selling our rum rather than entering contests.   We did enter one contest when we first released our product in 2010 just to understand how the process of judging and awards work.   It’s a pretty messed up system so virtually every rum you see has some kind of award they talk about winning.   We won a couple of bronze metals at that event.    Mainly we rely on growing sales and phone calls from former Hawaii visitors who ran out of the bottle they took home as the true measures of how we are doing.   Anyway, Old Lahaina is only distributed in Hawaii at this point.   We hand make everything and there’s only so many hours in a day.   We are just happy to be the local favorite in the face of several serious local competitors.   There’s only one Internet seller of our rum here in Hawaii

Thanks for your interest.  Bring your surfboard and come visit us some time.   We’ll turn the steam down on the stills and do some “quality control” testing !



So, I have to say this place just smacks of real Hawaii! Not worried about awards, not looking to make sure it's distributed to the world. No, Lahaina Rums are worried about making the best possible product... Don't worry, Paul, I have some readers (and myself) who will get to that internet distributor and make sure we taste your rum. 
Lahaina Rums have three products a White, a Gold and their Dark. I have to tell you, I'll be trying to get hold of some and get back to you ASAP!

On another level, got a great recipe using rum to make a cordial. It's from one of my Wife's cousins and the sample I had was real good. Worth a try for you Alcohol Alchemists.

Vanilla Cordial
  • 3-4     Whole vanilla beans, split length-wise
  • 2        Cups sugar combined 
  •                         with 
  • 2        Cups of water to make a simple syrup
  • 2        Cups of rum. The sample I had was made with an amber rum -- it was great -- so for now that is my recommendation.
  • 1        Empty bottle large enough to hold the ingredients.

  • Scrape the inside of the Vanilla Beans with the tip of a knife.
  • Save the remaining outer beans
  • Combine the water and Sugar and heat in a saucepan. Use medium heat, hot enough to dissolve all the sugar into the hot water. 
  • Combine all the parts of the beans, the rum and the Syrup into the bottle
  • You can adjust to taste - a bit more Rum for strength, more syrup for sweetness, or just a bit of water for all-over tempering.
  • Store the closed bottle in a dark place for at least a week. You can strain the mixture to remove the beans and minute floaties but if you leave them in the flavor intensifies. Keep remainders seal in the bottle in a cool place
 Linda Kinne

 Thank you Linda -- and for now -- I am Outta Here!

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