Friday, November 01, 2013

White Rum Tasting - Part Two -- Spirit Taste 2013

We've talked about two of the absolutely great white rums that we had on hand for tasting. I want to take the time to thank many of the rums we had a chance to taste for sending samples to us. While on that subject, if you are a distiller  or know of one (you favorite) please get them to send us samples so we can get the word out. With our relationship with and the readership has grown dramatically. I am here to pass the word, taste the rums and explore the stories. That in mind, let's talk White Rum!

The next sampling was Montanya Platino:  The tall, thin bottle was turned for all to drink. The comments follow. "Strong aroma, nice immediate bite, best so far." "Licorice," "Strong Sweet bouquet, goes down very smooth, just a small bite." "No burn, very nice aftertaste - I like!" "Has a flral smell, a bite at first but
smooths out." "Yummy, really like the aftertaste." "Not as pungent as the other very very smooth to drink." "Detect a bit of wood in the aroma, sort of a damp aftertaste." "Nearly aroma-less, to me I taste a strong Oak or wood flavor." "Almost reminds me of a gin, a bit of a bite." "Light smell very smooth & nice aftertaste." "A little burn - and I detect Oak." "Aromatic - smells of licorice." "Licorice," "Smells just like black licorice."

Seems like this group had licorice on their mind. We had a discussion about alcohol content, the "burn" or "bite" at first taste. I attribute that to the alcohol content. Some commentary about Montanya after the official tasting was done. Some of the tasters followed up using a bit of water to open up the bouquet and flavor of this complex rum. Let's go to the next!

Prichard's Crystal Rum Was next: "Almost like bubblegum or cotton candy sweet to the nose" "Very tasty smells like bubblegum!" "Very easy and smooth on the palette, sweet." "A bit strong for me, but still a smooth swallow." "Excellent sipping rum, very nice in the mouth and swallowing, sweet." "Very smooth and tasty - has a sweet, female aroma, goes down easy." "My favorite to this point, Love the sweet taste great after taste, great to sip and sniff." "Great smell and flavor, sweet!" "Sweet bubblegum smell along with vanilla." "Absolutely no burn, pleasant on the palette a sweet, nice taste." "For me it had a hint of banana, a touch of bitter and great sweet over, and that was just the aroma -- taste sweet - a great sipping Rum!" "Vanilla smell, light though, no burn and a light, nice after taste." "This would be great on the rock, no burn and so so smooth." "All around smooth, great sipping" "I found it a bit too strong."

Prichard's ran the gamut with these new tasters.  One thing I have found is ... you wonder where some of the flavors come from. I mean, why some taste bubblegum while other swear it all about the licorice.

Ugly Dog Rum was one we visited this summer. They are proud of the full bodied rum and we all recommend it as a great mixer. Here's what the first time tasters had to say: "Not for sipping, a strong aroma. Appropriately named -- just for mixing." "Not by itself, too rough" "reminded me more of a moonshine, quite smooth, bet it mixes well." "medicine smell? but good tasting. This would be great in a mix. Was great with a splash of water" "Bit of a caramel bouquet, fiery taste a very quick finish." "Strong bite at first with an herbal after." "Plain - a mixer." "predominate alcohol smell; strong - rough flavor, needs a mix" "very strong woody flavor with an alcohol after taste. Good with a bit of water." "Alcohol smell, sour to the taste, would mix well in a sweet drink." "A medicinal aroma and taste, sorry." "Sharp taste, strong... This would come alive in a mixed drink!"

So there you have it. I think the Ugly Dog Rum (UDR), while hit a bit hard as a taster, most people recognized it's value as a superior mixer. I have to mention, UDR was the most requested in Pina Colada's we mixed of all the white rums. Seems the taste was perfect. More about some of the mixes we tried, and peoples reactions coming up....
For me, until next week -- guess what? I am:

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