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White Rum Tasting -- Part Three - Spirit Taste 2013

I often wonder what goes through Distillers minds when we, the consuming public slurps down their hearts and souls. I mean if one thing EVERY Master Distiller I have met has in common with each of the others is -- Their commitment to their Rum. I have to admit when I read some of the comments, while honest, I sometimes think we tasted two different rums. I don't just mean the "good" or "bad" comments I think we all know everyone has their own favorite flavor boundaries. Sometimes if you skirt a bit TOO far through them, you can get a negative reaction. Face it if one rum was perfect, there would be no need of another. I Love this one -- but he hates that one, and vice-versa on the next. But it is the scale of the differences that blow me away -- From "It smells like medicine," to "I love the gentle aroma of butterscotch..." And they're drinking the same product!
No accounting for taste -- heh heh heh...

Let's start the slurpin'!
Because of the shear volume of magnificent Rums we had to taste, nine whites if you have been keeping count, I have broken the white down to three blogs - so today is the wrap-up. And remember, there is no ranking - not even alphabetical, the Rums were listed as I pulled to bottles from teh bar. In fact Cathy, my Wife, organized the bottles so I had no idea how she staked them up. In summary, we have tasted the following so far:
Part One - Striped Pig and Journeyman's Road's End. They were appreciated by all and the comments are interesting to read.
Part Two - Montanyas' Platino, Prichards' Crystal and Ugly Dogs, Ugly Dog Rum. I noted that by this time the tasters really had something to compare there sample in front of them In fact to even things a bit I often encouraged them to re-taste some of the earlier ones for comparison. It was funny, we had two spit jars for dumping the shot glass rinse waters and the unused contents or for them to spit into (As most South-side Chicagoans, most thought it was a sin to "dump" unused rum!" and the running joke was "What drink could we manufacture from the contents!! One taster even laid claim to one jar for his own....
Okay, onto Part Three:

Muddy River Distillings' - Carolina Rum. This is one of the White Rums that is more than a mixer for sure. Caroline and Robby Delany though are still perfecting the tastes. Additionally they are releasing an aged rum as well. Here is what our neophyte crew had to say: "Licorice taste, Very light, pleasant flavor, certainly not "Muddy"." "Sweet and bit spicy in my mouth" "Tastes like and old time rum, full body but not overpowering." "Sweet fragrance, not bad at all!" "Strong alcohol aroma, a bit too much burn in the mouth - good but needs more complexity." "Too much like a whiskey going down." "A pungent after taste that slowly gets more and more pleasant. I found it lasted a long, satisfying time." "Plain." "Love the bottle! Smooth. A great mixer, a long burn after." "Smells of butterscotch, nice smooth burn, not bad at all..." "Alcohol smell, and aftertaste, lighter in the aftertaste." "Light on flavor, medium burn, with a long aftertaste," "Smooth Sweet, I like." "Slightly sweet & clean." 
There ya go. Carolina Rum runs the gamut. I keep seeing Sweet, and variations of clean, or light flavors. Let's rinse our glasses and pour on.

Northern Latitudes' - Manitou Passage: "Flat aroma, strong taste, great heat!" "I got a fruity aftertaste and good sweetness" "Bouquet is light, but a bite to the tongue, a good, spicy flavor." "A peppery aroma and taste - peppercorn like not chiles." "Too Strong for me." "Very strong burn, sorry not a fan." "Peppery flavor, strong, warming". "Bouquet almost like a wine, sweet. Sorry I did not like the aftertaste." Very light smelling, strong taste, but the aftertaste is sweet." "Oaky, strong burn," "An oily taste, not smooth. a no from me." "Smells like wine, really opens the sinuses, pepperminty and fruity." "A bit harsh of an aftertaste." "The taste on my tongue after is pepper, pleasant."
Okay, I found Manitou Passage to be a bit peppery as well. I like this all purpose Rum. I can mix it or sip it on the rocks.

The next rum was the first craft rum I tasted at a distillery; Tailwinds -- Taildragger White: "Vanilla smell, very, very smooth." "Good, perhaps a bit of pepper in this too?" "Too strong - too much!" "Very nice flavors, very light fragrance, no bite, light on the tongue. Very nice." "Earthy, almost a cornmash smell." "Bouquet is refreshing, butterscotch aromas, a long lasting nice aftertaste, Smooth Very Good smooth." "Light, spicy taste, great flavor linger too." "Strong to the nose, very smooth going down." "Aroma is grainy, bit of a burn going down." "Not as smooth as others but a peppery taste." "Aroma is almost floral, herbal, Soft flavored and a touch of herb and floral there too." "Too Strong."
I was gratified that some picked up a herbal scent and flavor, one of the endearing flavors I enjoy from this white rum.

The Final White to be tasted; Sergent Classicks' - Silver: "Ok, just not enough taste." "Smell the syrup! Sweet, strong flavors" "No, not for me." "Bit of a bite, but a sweet flavor and fragrance." "I smell pineapple and got a bit in the taste too. Mid sip, comforting burn." "At first a bit of whiskey flavor, but soon a sweet yummy taste!" "Very smooth a very natural tasting rum." "A bit plain." "Strong scent, smooth in the mouth, no burn, has a very floral, herbal taste... Good" "A bit bitter to me and a bite." "Too much alcohol smell, and it is in the taste too." "A herbal taste, very smooth taste - not a burn." "Slightly medicinal?" "Really liked this one!"

Well, that's it folks. Nine Rums and lots of opinions. I asked the crown not to rank the rums but to indicate their favorite. Some did not - some did - so in a totally unscientific way I say the crown really liked: Tailwinds Taildragger and Prichards Crystal tie. Seven of the nine got at least one vote for the best. A pretty satisfied crowd.
It was at this point where we broke for some food. So we will break here as well. Not for Pulled Pork, Beer Brats and Chicken wings, but a break none the less.
See you Next time when we go to The Dark Side!

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