Wednesday, November 06, 2013

We Taste --- The Dark Side, Part One -- Spirit Taste 2013

In the midst of visiting, eating and just plain having a good time, the Spirit Taste 2013 never lost its way. We had Rum to taste!! After going through 9 White Rums, we turned our attention to the Ambers, the Aged, the Dark Side of Rum. We started with 5 dark rums but one of my nephews brought a bottle of Old New Orleans Rum from Celebration Distillery. Without much of a pause - it was added to the list -- so lets taste Six Dark Rums!

First - Montanya - Oro: "Very warming, great bouquet, tastes just as great too." "Strong" "A burn to the tongue." "Detect a slight c0ffee flavor. Nice on the palette, just a slight bite. Nice" "Vanilla aroma, spicy, BIG finish of flavor." "Like a lot - could be a good mixer too!" "Strong at the start but a nice final taste." "Fair Taste." "No bite, no after taste - smooth, neat." "Great aroma, woody, sweet tiny bite, very smooth." "Dry, sweet after taste, light aromas." "Strong base of flavor; Coffee, Vanilla, Cinnamon." "Liked it a rough taste - strong but smooth." "Taste stays with you, on strong aroma, very smooth drinking." "Smoother than any off the shelf rum." "Slightly sweet and woody." "Woody undertones with a slightly sweet taste." "Would be GREAT in a hurricane!" 
Seems the aged rums got stronger reactions. Or they were renewed in enthusiasm after a meal.

Second - New Holland - Freshwater Amber: "Loved it best one yet! Great finish. I am gonna buy this one." "No sting, sweet and lightly colored." "Would swear it was a whiskey mixed in. very smooth though." "Smooth well bodied, not much aroma though. My runner-up!" "Too much like a whiskey." "Wonderful aftertaste." "Very light bouquet, would mistake for a smooth whiskey." "Strong, Smooth Whiskey Taste." "Sweet smell, fruity and woody infused flavors." "Almost whiskey flavored, smooth sweet, but light. Great aftertaste." "Tasted like a great Canadian blended whiskey!" "I Liked it!" "Too much like a whiskey." "Smooth, strong aroma." "Whiskey-like. Sharp, not a favorite." "Tastes like whiskey."
I don't know. I like my aged rums because they have a great aged, wood flavor and DON'T taste like whiskey. Oh well

Three - Sgt Classick - Gold: "Very smooth, lighter flavor, a bit of heat." "Way too strong for me." "Sweet, light aroma, a little bite on the tongue." "Citrus and alcohol smell." "Like, nice and woody." "Strong Licorice small, like a Good & Plenty!" "Light sweet Smell, nice flavor." "Too oaky and wood strong - sorry." "Sweet wood/cherry smell, nice strong flavor, light after." "Sweet but very light flavor." "Slightly spicy flavor, mild aroma, Whiskey-like" "A bit too spicy for me." "Strong, like a nice whiskey!" "Charred wood, sweet, nice."
Seems Dave's rum really evoked reaction across the board.

Number Four -- Cedar Ridge - Amber: "Very easy on the tongue, good flavor." "Great aromas, easy, smooth taste." "YUMMY!" "Ok with me!" "This is a sipping rum, smooth, great in the mouth. Warm after tastes." "Sweet nose, hint of wood but a full smooth flavor." "A heavy not unpleasant after taste - Smooth drinking." "Oak, smooth, no bite - Nice." "Delicious! Sweet smooth and no bite!"
This seemed to get a lot of reaction. A few did not get a taste as we ran out... Great reason to re-stock!!

 With three more left to taste we will pick this up next time. I think it's time to:

Lick The Glass

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