Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thoughts From A Sickbed

OK I am not THAT sick, but this sinus, coughy, crumby. achy thing I got is just wearing. Really. I think the worst part is lack of concentration. Really, it hurts to think. So I can nap, watch TV (as long as I avoid the documentary, history based shows I love because...... They make you think. Even some of the series I watch are off limits. I kind of need shows that: 1. Tell me what they are going to tell/show me; 2. Review what they are going to tell/show me; 3. Tell/show me; 4. Repeat what they told/showed me and 5. Answer all question I might want to ask about what they told/showed me.
I can't read... It hurts trying to read
I can't pursue my hobby (Lincoln Cent Collecting)... It hurts squinting through a loupe and concentrating on what I am looking at.
I can't seem to type this blog... the hurt/think process kicks in so quickly...
I can nap. But. before I do all that I need to say a few things...
Happy Thanksgiving! Here in the US we celebrate this day to look back to the past and around in the present for thing, people, incidents etc we are thankful for. I think that is a good, healthy exercise for most everyone.
A Happy Anniversary to my Wife. She is the better 3/4 of me and the absolute light of my life. She somehow makes me a better me. That BTW is VERY hard to do, as I need so much bettering. Hard to believe she's stayed with me 42 years!
It's getting cold out..... Have a great - Hot Buttered Rum.
Great Things happen to great people. One of our favored dark Rum, Richland Rum, has sent us information on their expansion. When we visited them in the early Summer, the plans were moving forward. It was fun to get a tour from Erik Vonk as he expressed his dream for the new space. Really folks -- this is a destination now, so add it to your travel plans. Karin and Erik Vonk are a great pair and so gracious and fun to visit. Karin is the promotion and press arm of their relationship, and is SO nice to work with and hear from.
Here are some excerpts from their Press Release:

Georgia based Artisan Rum Distiller facilitates growth

RICHLAND, GA – November 25th, 2013 – The Richland Distilling Company – artisan crafters of Richland Rum – announced today the opening of new facilities in support of its continued growth. Located adjacent to the company’s Distillery, the expansion is housed in a restored historic building and includes a barrelhouse and the Richland Rum Experience Center.

Experience Center showcases creation of authentic, all natural, handcrafted Georgia Rum

“The new barrelhouse significantly increases our aging capacity and will help us in meeting the robust demand for Richland Rum while further solidifying product quality and the integrity of the aging process”, said Erik Vonk, founder and owner of the company.
“In addition, the new Experience Center and Tasting Room enable us to showcase our artisan craftsmanship in detail to the growing number of rum enthusiasts”.
Vonk continued: “The fact that the Distillery is an integral part of our family owned Vennebroeck Estate has allowed us over the years to bring back a ‘farm to bottle’ approach in making all natural, authentic Rum from fresh sugar cane syrup - not molasses. Handling all aspects of artisan product creation in-house translates into superior quality and intrigues many people. With the new facility in place, we can now share a complete ‘Richland Rum Experience’ with guests”.

About Richland Rum
Aged Rum, meticulously handcrafted in small batches, copper pot distilled from all natural sugar cane syrup and aged in virgin American oak barrels. Richland Rum is of Single Estate origin and of Single Barrel quality.
Richland Rum was rated ‘outstanding’ with a score of 94 points by Tasting Panel Magazine and recommended in Cooking Light Magazine’s Gift Guide as ‘beautiful for sipping’.
About the Richland Distilling Company
Founded in 1999 as part of the family owned Vennebroeck Estate, the Richland Distilling Company is solely dedicated to producing aged Rum from pure sugar cane syrup – not molasses. All facets of production are handled in house, including sourcing of syrup from its own estate. Richland Rum is entirely hand crafted in small, single day batches, using time honored artisan techniques and vintage equipment to safeguard authenticity and quality. Expected production for 2014 is limited to approximately 6,000 cases (9L).
The company is located in down town Richland, GA, welcomes visitors and hosts tours, tastings and events dedicated to rum science.

For product availability please view listing of distributors and retail points or visit for more information.

So, till next time, I remain: 

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