Monday, November 11, 2013

The Specialty Rums of Spirit Taste 2013

 As promised, we will report the tasting of the three Specialty Rums that were taste tested by an intrepid, honest and thoroughly fun-loving bunch at our home, celebrating not only Sprit Tastings, but the One Year Anniversary of this blog! So without much further adieu, lets taste!

First Rum tasted was Fire Fly's Sea Island Rum. I will write down the reactions this group of tasters had and temper this with - most of these have had only one, specific brand of Spiced Rum (name to be withheld). I'll comment at the end, as always...
Sea Island Rum: "Palatable," Sweet, smooth very good!" "Very nice blend o flavors, smooth drinking." "Great aroma, nice taste, mild." "Liked it! Aftertaste was coconut - very good!" "The BEST! smooth, spicy/sugary, great taste!" "Great aroma, sweet. Sweet smooth flavor great soft sweet aftertaste!" "Very, Very Good, Sweet smell, very smooth Just Right!" "Tastes Delicious!" "Not heavily spiced - full of flavor, smooth caramel, great smell!" "Fantastic! Great aroma, wonderful aftertaste!" "Yummy! Dis I taste Coconut? Feel and smells like an island paradise!" "A winner, smells like coconut and spice." "Fragrant, pleasant taste, Me likes!" "To me had a bit of cherry flavor in amongst the spices." 
I was taken aback by the great response to this Firefly creation. I liked it a whole lot as well, and it has been on of the craft Spiced rums that has really changed my opinion of said rums, since the only experience I had with spiced Rums was the same (unnamed) Spiced rum practically everyone drinks, but I did NOT like at all... Oh, and I did re-taste and yes -- I DO detect coconut which I really did not taste before!

Taildragger's Coffee Rum: "My favorite." "Almost primitive, very fine flavor tough..." "My Favorite!" "Great coffee bean aroma and dark Coffee taste." "AWESOME, what a way to wake up -- how about a squirt of whipped cream?" "The best park of waking up is Tailwinds in your cup!" "Wow coffee, coffee, coffee, great over vanilla ice cream?" Fantastic & Great." "Strong, but great dark coffee taste. Team this with a blast of Bailey's and O... M... G!" "Smooth, pleasant strong coffee flavor." "Imagine this with Godiva Chocolate liqueur!" "Has that great dark, strong black coffee after taste." "Great as a mixer with any drinks that need coffee flavor, or have cream or creamed liqueurs in them."
Yeah I knew this was going to be a hit. I even found others, like myself who, while I agree 1000000% with those who suggest ways to mix it, find this a great after dinner sipper - neat....

Finally, a Rum that is not a Rum... Mississippi River Distillery's Sorghrum: "Sweet and smooth but a different aftertaste - Good!" "A Whiskey twin" "Bit of a hard aftertaste." 'Smooth upfront but hard after." "Caramel aroma, smooth, sweet flavor, lingering aftertaste" "Very light, with a light aroma too." "Light Tasting." "Very low aroma, light and smooth tasting leans toward a whiskey." "Great sipper." "Nothing special, OK" "Light fragrance & Taste, no bite but not no real flavor." "No, sorry." "very light, good,."

There you have it. The results of a non-rum - rum. See to be called rum the distillation must be of sugarcane derived sugars, sorghum is not sugarcane. However, it makes a pretty good rum! Now MRD only makes this rum occasionally, and they really specialize in vodkas and whiskey. But, I find it a great ice-breaker, conversation starter and a darned good ru.. er .. Sorghrum... Oh and they are right down the street from Antique Archeology (American Pickers) so a great little town to visit!
All in all, we picked no favorite from this group of three, as they were all very distinctively different. All three Distillers can be proud of them!

Thanks for hanging in there with us... We will be back with more from the land of Craft Rums made in the USA. Please visit us at our Facebook page as well (and click the LIKE button!) to keep up with what is happening.
Coming up soon: We talk a bit about the other spirits tasted and some of the recipe's we experimented with. Also -- there is a video attached - but post production is lagging -- hopefully we will post it here soon!

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