Monday, November 18, 2013

Rum mixing - Traditional Recipes With Nontraditional Ingredients

A bit of an All-over-the-road kind of blog today - but a follow-up on our party here back last month. We continued to taste and mix and talk liquor long after the "Official" tasting ended. This is sort of a report on what we did.We wanted to try different brands of rum with some traditional Rum drinks. We tried Cedar Ridge Amber in a Dark & Stormy -- found it to be extremely good. We also tried it with other amber or dark rums and in general, liked them, but Cedar Ridge stood out. I had a Mai-Tai mix and many of the White rums were mixed and each had a distinctive taste. This drink seemed to be really dictated by personal favorites and my recommendation is if you like the rum to begin with, don't be afraid to try it in a mixed drink that you like as well.
The biggest and widest span of taste trials was with Pina Coladas. We split up tasting (We decided to use pre-mixes here and I have to say we really liked Mr & Mrs T Pina Colada Mix) into three Rum additions. First; White rums. Now I was willing to mix any of the whites that we had into a Colada. I did try it with Taildragger White, and Manitou Passage. While I liked both - of those two my personal favorite turned out to be Manitou Passage (Northern Latitudes Distillery). This rum has an almost peppery flavor that just works with the real sweet of a PC. The next Rum addition was some of the Ambers. Now we offered mixes with any of the darker rums for anyone who wished, we had a few, but, the standout there was New Holland Freshwater Amber. To be 100% honest I did not get a sip of that one but got
lots of thumbs up from those who did. The real winner - Tailwinds Coffee Rum in a Pina Cola
da. Everyone, myself included, absolutely LOVED that combo. I heard the word "Yummy" used quite
Mixed drink tasting was not confined to Rum drinks. We had Northern Latitudes Distillery's Horseradish flavored Vodka as well as Ugly Dog's Bacon flavored Vodka mixed into Mr & Mrs T's traditional Bloody Mary Mix as well as Ditka's Kickass Bloody Mike Mix. This combination was a HUGE hit. I had both, have to say that normally I am a traditional kinda guy when it comes to Bloody Marys. However, the spicy Ditka's stood up better with the Bacon & Horseradish flavors. The Traditional allowed a good taste of the two vodkas mixed (a marriage made in heaven BTW) and you got the essence of a BLT. The Ditka's mix though just came alive with the flavors and actually turned out to be my favorite of the two.
That sort of wraps up the Spirit Taste of 2013. I hope you had some fun reading about it and if you have questions or suggestion - please write! Use the comments section here (at the end of each post) or email me (just click this link). I'd love to have a Mailbag blog too!

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