Friday, November 22, 2013

Musings, Thoughts, Ideas From Around the Rum Bar

Here we go into the second year of Rick The Rum Runner Blog (RTRR). It's funny how it has grown and changed (with more to come!). I guess this would be an appropriate time to talk about some of those changes and, at the same time, talk rum.
As a reader here you have access to more than a few rum sources just by clicking the man links I have built into the blog. If you are serious about rums or want to be or wonder why you'd want to be, RTRR is a great spot to start. So, let's list the ways you can read this blog, and be kept aware of its addition, information, recipes etc, etc....
Number 1: Make this page a favorite or at least a book marked page. This would mean you'd have to click on it from time to time to read new content.
Next best and better thing to do; click into the box allllllllll the way at the very bottom of the page that says "Follow The Rum Runner by Email" That means you will be sent an email alerting you of new content. That's it -- no ads, no spam just a notification from us that I have gotten to the computer and spewed some words of semi-wisdom about our favorite distilled spirit. 
Another way to make sure you receive the blog is to subscribe via news feeds. Again -- at our page go all the way over to the left-hand column and slide down below the directory of Distiller's list (we'll visit there soon), the Places You Should Visit links ( and our Facebook page - yeah, more on those later too...) and you will find a place to click onto and choose what feed source you want to use. These are nice as they automatically update and you can "catch up" as so many of us have to do from time to time. A new RSS Reader is FeedSpot. They are available and -- They now carry RTRR... So they have to be good! Please check them out and they can sign you in via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or if you prefer, by starting a new account.

Other Pages We Recommend
All right now we come to my recommendation of pages you should follow beyond RTRR. First, Twitter: Please follow me @Rick_Rum_Runner
 Additionally, visit our Facebook page, the link is on our blog at the top of the PLACES YOU SHOULD VISIT column to the left of the main blog. Or just click here. Once there, please click the LIKE button at the top of the page just under the Banner. I love the look of the growing LIKES list. What makes American Made Rum interesting, is that we have a pretty lively group of fans, tasters, drinkers, distillers: Enthusiasts all, that visit and post. So you will get lots of info and from all over the US and the world -- so it could be local for you!!
Finally, please check out Rum Ratings it is a fascinating page dedicated to listing what YOU and I think of any number of Rum from around the world! Rick The Rum Runner posts all of its taste ratings there so you can always look up my commentary, but everyone gets in on the act so you can get multiple ratings and really find a rum that matches your taste. At end, you can then post YOUR rating and join in the fun.

NEW Rums to look for and -- Add to Your Taste List.
I have discovered a new listing of Craft Distillers in the USA (seems Canada has joined us -- but I'm not complaining). The list is l-o-n-g so I will reveal as the days and weeks go by. Also, I will be adding them to the best part of RTRR, the RUM DISTILLERS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA list which links you to any and all distillers, listed by state and hyper-linked from here. Please use this list to find rum distillers in your state or a state you plan to visit, to try new rums. Also, if the listing has an *I* next to the name it means they sell via internet and you can order online. I will add distillers as I find them, vet them and talk about them here - another great reason to read Rick The Rum Runner every week..... Don't miss a blog!

Lick The Glass
Till next time, when I will bring some of the new (new to me) Rum Distillers I find around the US of A to light and we can talk... The upcoming week includes Thanksgiving here in the USA, so I may be spotty in content. Register in one of the ways I listed above so you will be kept in the know, as far as Good Rum. So, in the mean time -- grab your favorite sipping glass, pour a bit of your favorite rum sip, read and don't forget -----

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