Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Looking at the Future

Lick the Glass
As I have written many times in this blog, the movement forward is always accompanied by change. RTRR is no different. To keep my standards high (which is incredibly low to everyone else) my posting schedule is going to change a bit. I still will go for 3 additions a week, but they will follow a bit of a plan that I hope you will appreciate. 
Monday - Wrap up of things from the weekend and a look at the coming week.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Left open but with short, perhaps more numerous updates that seem fit and timely.
Friday - Feature blog of the week. This will be the main day to post tastings, awards, tours etc, It comes on a day where we generally have the largest readership, plus it gives everyone a weekend to read.
Yes I am a rebellious child of the 60's so don't count on this to be bound in steel. In general though I'd rather post a short blub 2-3 times and have two content full blogs a week.

Coming This Friday - Look for a award filled blog - as well as a fun time mixing spirits of all kinds to find out what tastes great!


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