Friday, November 08, 2013

Darkly Tasting -- Part 3 - Spirit Taste 2013

I am laughing here -- so much Rum to taste - I lost my place! I said we'd have 3 more rums to talk about here today -- but was wrong. In so many ways! -- First, we have 2 Dark Rums to talk about - including my personal taste of one. We then have 3 Specialty Rums to report on. The next blog will include those and a wrap up as well as a bit about some of the drinks we experimented upon, and what unlikely things we had to mix -- perhaps even some of the "other" spirits we had to taste, and mix and comment about, to follow. For now, though - let's talk Dark Rum!!!!

We start with - Richland Rum: "Tons of flavor. Very warming." "Mellow but a bit harsh after." "Very nice a sweet taste but to many to pick. No bite, smooth nice." "Scents of candy, caramel. Great flavor, consistent from first taste to a rich after taste." "My over-all favorite Smooooth, fabulous aftertaste; Yummy-Yummy. This is to be drunk while cuddled up on a cloud." "Great flavor, so smooth!" "Mild, caramel smell, whiskey smooth drinking. - A sipper!" "Smells like vanilla, distinct flavors of caramel and vanilla." "Butterscotch bouquet, very smooth swallow; Awesome aftertaste!" "Light aroma, a
smooth light taste, a heavy, pleasant aftertaste." "Very little aftertaste but a smooth flavor of vanilla." "Liked it but had a bit of a rough aftertaste." "Butterscotch aroma, fairly mild, smooth taste, one of the better rums tasted tonight!" "Butterscotch (hot Buttered rum??)" "Carmel, butterscotch, a buttery rich flavor." "

Seems like the majority liked this rum a lot. It is one of my favorites too. For me, it is one Rum that I may never mix. For me this is a great, warming rum that is best neat, or chilled... 
Now, we would normally have gone into the Specialty Rums of the night - but as mentioned before one of my Nephews (one with a great discerning taste and normally a whiskey drinker) was nice enough to buy and bring a rum he hoped we did not have. Well he was spot on; and it has been on my list for some time to taste. So we penciled it into the tastes and here we go. The last quote will be mine....

Celebration Distillery - Old New Orleans 3 Year Rum: Smells so sweet, tastes sweet! So vanilla! just a nice light sting and great swallow - A-Okay!" "Sweet nice on the tongue, very good!" "Great aroma, Great flavor, so smooth - and great with a splash!" "Mild aroma; smooth, mild taste - VERY nice." "Smooth carmelly sweet flavor." "Another butterscotch rich smell. Sweet aftertaste - so Good!" "Light smell, pleasant smooth taste." "Vanilla sugar up front, smooth sweet taste." "Very mild, smooth - good sip." "Vanilla and butterscotch nose. very upfront and sweet. Aged wood flavor, but with a nice underlying sweetness. While I might mix this (more about that later when we get into mixed drinks.) I love to sip it as the nose is rewarded as well as the taste buds at each sip." 

So now you know. I liked Old New Orleans. But with the-circle-your-favorite-vote we used -- what did this rum first timer group think?? 
A THREE WAY TIE!! Each of the six rums got at least 2 votes each - but Old New Orleans, Freshwater Amber and Richland Rum each had the same number of circle-in votes as the tasters favorite!

That was awesome - so awesome that I will hold onto our specialty Rums and our commentary about the mixed drinks we tried, retried and sometimes re-invented - Next Time -- Right here with me:

In the more distant future.... The video!

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