Friday, November 15, 2013

Awards & Fun Stuff

As RTRR enters its second year of being, and in light that we just had one HECK of a party celebrating that fact, it is only right that we pass out gifts. While there were so many great Rums to be tasted here at Spirit Taste 2013, five stood out. Two in the White Rum Catagory and Three in the Dark/Amber Category. These are not first and second place finishes, these are TIES. In the White Rums there were nine Rums for tasting and two were tied for The favorite! Oh and every rum received at least one vote for The Best. In the Dark Rums the bunching of favorites was even more dramatic. There were six rums and Three were voted as The Best. Once again all six rums received at least one vote for Favorite!

Let's look at the White Rum Winners, and congratulate the Distillers on their efforts.

Prichard's is no newcomer to Rum distillation. They take pride in their product and it shows both in their distinctive packaging and their tried and true taste. Prichard's Crystal Rum was the rum that caused many unbelievers that rums could be delicious, and totally different than mass marketed brands. This Rum deserves not only this award (as little as it is) but also to be behind every rum drinker's bar.

The next recipient is Tailwinds Distillery's TailDragger White Rum:

The folks at Tailwinds are persnickety. In the Distillation Business, this is a very good thing. It means great care is taken in everything that goes into their still (The Louisville Lush). They are serious Rum (and Agave) Distillers.
On the other hand, they are fun, entertaining and just cool to be around. Their aromatic and smooth rum (with an herbal background) deserves to be here as well.

Next on the list is the Dark Rums. Wearing the color of their aging and flavoring, these Rums standout when ever served. Again, Six Rums tasted -- THREE Rums tie. For first timers - the Amber/Dark category blew their taste-buds away.

The first award goes to Freshwater Amber (New Holland Brewers)

This is one of quite a few Michigan Rums that impressed me. New Holland sports three Rums and I liked the Amber right off the bat. Now, don't ever think their other two are inferior! The White and Single Barrel are treat unto themselves, but for me, Amber stood out. It was good to have so many agree!

Number Two, but not second by any means, is Richland Rum

Erik Vonk is driven. He is on a quest to make The Rum he remembers as he grew. His quest is well represented by Richland's Premium Rum. For me, this wins in the aromatic department every time. As a Rum to sip and enjoy, this distillation occupies the Cordial status. In the back of my head, I knew that this rum would be favorited by more than a few of its tasters. To Erik, Karin and Jay McCain... Well done.

The final Dark Rum (but not in last place!) is Old New Orleans from Celebration Distillation.

When printing the rating sheets, this rum was not even on it. My nephew decided to purchase a nice rum to share at the tasting. He is more of a whiskey drinker so the dark rums caught his attention. He selected Old New Orleans and we opened it for all to taste and it tied for The Best. A fine addition to my bar and one that had been on my "gotta Gt" list but just ad not made it. I don't think we will ever not have a bottle around now.

So, that about rounds out the award winnings. Again ever Rum tasted seemed to be someones favorite and Spirit Taste 2013 went a long way to introduce friends and family to the world I entered just a year before. My education in Craft Rum continues. I am now trying to work with more local bars, restaurants and liquor stores to carry the Crafts as they will catch on and make their establishment stand out. 
Till Monday then:

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