Wednesday, October 30, 2013

White Rum Tasting - part One -- Spirit Taste 2013

The crowd came and we had a great time. Besides the Rum, we managed to pig out on some great Pulled pork, Spicey and Sweet Chicken Wings and beer bathed Bratwurst Bites. I had also pleaded with everyone to take pictures and email them to me -- so far; Nuthin.... So with what we got, we will talk. 

Let's look at the Rums to be tasted and some of the feedback we got. Remember, most of these have not had a rum beyond a bat or a captain logo, so this is going to be a new experience for them. 
I started by explaining that many (certainly not all) distillers make a white Rum for mixing. In many of the major market brands they tend to blend out much of the flavor as to let the taste of the drink ingredients come through. In Craft rums, this is not always the case - but, the flavors in whites are often superior when mixed.

Our first selection was a new Rum on the market -- Striped Pig. I will put in random comments - good and bad -- but with explanations of both so they are contextual.
"Nice bouquet, Peppermint? Warm and smooth going down." "Sweet on my nose - Vanilla?" "Light pleasant tasting, very smooth!" "Vanilla taste. Burns a bit when going down as a shot - better sipped." "I taste a bit of sweet caramel." "Vanilla immediately with an almost sparkly feel to it." "Great aroma." "Plain but a good mixer." "Wonderful smell long, nice after taste." "I like this one - A little vanilla with warmth and sweetness." "A bit of an alcohol taste/burn but then it smooths out. Even sweet flavor not at all overpowering." "Fresh good flavor, a bit of burn but a wonderful after taste." "Initial vanilla bouquet, fragrant - long lasting taste after." "Got a tingle and a vanilla flavor/aroma."

So there you have it. Not everyone commented. I note here that so many caught the vanilla hints in this rum's aromas. In general, most people liked it -- There were a couple perhaps three who did not. A harshness was cited in those comment. But that is what tasting is all about! Being the lead-off taste caught this brand in a bit of a newly awakened crowd too. As said earlier, many had never tasted a rum as a straight, neat drink. So after getting into the taste mode they began to have fun with it. As we progressed many changed their views as we talked about avoiding drinking the sample as a shot: That it should be savored a bit, swished and held in the mouth. Soon they were sipping swirling and enjoying like pros!

Many were avid wine tasters and also a contingent of home-brewers, so their comments were more exacting and practiced. It was a great mix! We all learned about tasting! 

Let's go to the next Rum: Journeyman Distiller's - Roads End Rum. "very light bouquet, heat on impact. A very warm rum." "More aromatic." "Bit of a burn in the throat, strong sweet smell." "A sweet fragrance, but a bite on tasting not much flavor but it lingers." "Nice, strong fragrance, I taste wood, Oak(?) in a white? Long body, long lasting." "Really liked the aroma and the long lasting aftertaste, pleasant!" "Strong!" "Plainer tasting and bit of a weaker aroma that others." "Long lasting taste. A bit rough at first but settled nicely." "Woody to me - that taste lingered." "Strong smell, with a heavy, sweet after taste. One drink stays with you!" "Not as smooth and flavorful as I would have liked." "Very clean, very nice, intense sweetness." "Burns in the mouth but turns sweet in moments." 

There you go two of the nine White rums we tasted at Spirit Taste 2013

Coming up" -- We taste Montanya Platino, Prichard's Crystal and Ugly Dog Rum. We will update you on any Rum news and we will Hopefully be seeing video soon! Til then -- I am:
Rick, The Rum Runner

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