Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wednesday ---- Rum-Hump Day? Rump Day!


So, last night -- or tonight as I write this, I wondered what I could talk about today. We've talked Distillers, rums, even rum drinks, tastings even Take-overs, but we haven't spoken about rum reviews much.
Today I am going to introduce you to the Rick The Rum Runner official rum review place -- used by this blog to officially register my rum rating -- In fact it is YOUR official spot as well. I invite all of you to visit, enjoy and join

Months ago, I was contacted by Andrew Shannon, the developer of this great little site. The sole reason for its existence it to rate and talk rum. Now Andy has them all (and if he's missing yours, just drop him a line and he adds it!) or is getting them all. The place has grown, please use the hot link so you can thoroughly enjoy it, from not so humble beginnings. It had a great attraction to me from the very start. So much so, I abandoned any rum ratings here on my blog. Why reinvent what Andy and Rum Ratings had done so well. The best part -- it is easy for YOU to add to it. You can put your personal rating of any rum (or rums) you've had and see how your tasting fits with others. Plus you can look up rums - or distillers or Countries and compare, dream, select. 
I am not going to attempt to cut and paste his images here, so for you to get the most from my article today you will have to go there ( and discover. Think of it as a step up in your growth as a Rum Enthusiast. Speaking of growth, you are awarded a badge as your experience grows, so you gain some cred at the site. How far has the Runner gone?? I'll display some my badges in this article. But I will say they number 8 now. Scattered throughout this blog are bottle shots of just some rums I have rated. I ask that you visit and join in.... may be you can be an official Swashbuckler...

See you Friday!!

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