Monday, October 28, 2013

One Year -- A Look Back, A Look Forward

Who knew? A year ago (today BTW) I began to put together a story, a story of my journey. For those of you newer than a year -- This is my first posting in the blog: Rick, the Run Runner.

We had a fantastic time at Spirit Taste 2013, wrapping up so much I have learned, so much I have enjoyed, so much I have traveled. At the get-together, one question often asked was, "Where to next?" We (my wife and I) have been tossing about ------ west. but nothing is locked in.

What happens as we go on? Well one thing is this blog. One thing that drives a successful blog is content. Next most important is... content. We have kept up a 3 day content schedule, and to be truthful, it eats into the research, improvement time budget. my new plan is this.
Friday is our single-most followed post. it gets reads all weekend long. Monday is the least followed. my proposal is a blog sometime Monday Tuesday Wednesday.... no certain day and a Friday blog of, I hope, superior content.

We will be back, later this week with a written an visual report on our Tasting cum Birthday party.... Till then... it's Me:

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