Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday -- Rumday

So even though I am retired, it seems like the weekends just fly by. Had some Soccer games, watched some football (wept over my confidence pool) and managed a visit to Tailwinds Distillery. Spent a great hour and a half talking with Jamey Beall, as well as a few samplers of both their fine Rums and the Blue Agave. I was there to secure Tailwinds Coffee Rum and see if I could convince Jamey or Toby to stop by our Spirit Tasting. That may be in the works!!! I plan to contact the press this week to see if we can scare up some coverage. Stay tuned; this could get even more interesting!

Funniest Rum placard I have seen:
Almost time for the warm Rum Cocktail season -- 
I am open to your favorites ---- Email me!

Among the rum posts on American Made Rum, we find a football lament:
Due to the outcome of today's Saints game, we will not be posting a witty celebratory drinking related post. It's simply time for a shot.
More for you Wednesday! 

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