Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday Morning Rum

Plans continue for the Spirits Taste 2013. My wife and I are planning the actual taste portion which will be the traditional poured tastes, a little water perhaps crackers between allowing each of the rums a chance for a fresh palette. Since it is an open tastings - no real scoring - no "winner" so to speak, it should be loads of fun. I want to "talk up" Rum as I pour so it will be a gather round and talk, sip and spit fest (Spitting is optional but with more that 15 rums (I hope) it could get risky!
After the formal tastes we then want to have some fun. So we have purchased ready made mixes of some of the classic rum drinks and we can experiment and comment about each, For example - Pina Colada, or perhaps rum and coke (it is amazing how different each cola drink tastes with these differing craft rums), how about the great classic - Dark & Stormy? So that can be lots of fun.
There is, however, another component of this tasting. We have assembled other spirits and we plan to make mini mixed drinks for those too (plus more than happy to pour straight tastes as well). So it will be a spirited evening!. We have food planned and hope everyone will enjoy that feeling free to mix and match any of the flavors they discover or re-discover that evening. I even plan on lifting a few ideas from The Tailwinds Takeover and we are using some of their pairings as well.

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Torn from the Twitter line --- 

 Taylor Gobar --- "Helium walks into a bar and orders a beer, the bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve noble gases here.” He doesn’t react."

 DrinkMoreRum @DrinkMoreRum 50m
I was in a pub on Saturday night & had to direct the bargirl to each rum I ordered. Things need to change, she didn't know they had rum!

@TheBlueOxLynn come in for a fall drink not on the menu yet: @PrivateerRum amber rum, apple juice reduction, clove-studded lemon wheel, hot h20 #cozy

What's happening on American Made Rum?? 

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This Tuesday night is our first official bottling for Busted Barrel Dark Rum, scheduled to hit stores next week. Who wants to come help out??
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That is it for Monday -- See you mid week -- RTRR


  1. Spirits Taste 2013 -- Is there a date?

  2. Yes indeed -- October 26....