Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Middle Week Musing

One of the things I have learned about this world of rum is that most everyone on the distillation end has some fascinating stories. From dreams had while vacationing in the Tropics to a second chance at a new life after life changing circumstances, and almost everywhere in between. The passion to distill is often a passion to create something already enjoyed, while making it your own. Better when others share your passion, and satisfying when even more people agree, and want a share of what you make. As an enthusiast, I have to say I am having the time of my life tasting my way through. In one year the changes have been many, and I hope you agree, better....

On American Made Rum -- Right now:
Ugly Dog Bacon Flavored Vodka and Urban Legend Bloody Mary Mix will be featured at a new Grand Rapids event that bacon enthusiasts of all kinds just have to attend. So, join us Saturday, November 2nd for BacCon: A Bacon and Beer Celebration...and Bacon Flavored Vodka. The event is at the DeltaPlex Conference Center located at 2500 Turner Ave. in the City of Grand Rapids. It begins at 3:00p.m. Hope to see you!!
FINALLY! The first pallet of Queen Charlotte's Reserve is heading to the state warehouse!
FINALLY! The first pallet of Queen Charlotte's Reserve is heading to the state warehouse! — at Muddy River Distillery Belmont Nc.
Zac Brown & his band drank STRIPED spirits this wkend at the So. Ground Festival. Zac really loved the STRIPED Rum!
Bottled up a barrel of Small Cask today, got another couple to do. Good tasting stuff!
Crisp Midwest Autumn air and the smell of rum running through the still. It does not get much better. Toby will be in Tailwinds till roughly 6ish. Stop by and pick up a bottle.
Getting more excited for Saturday and Spirit Taste 2013...... See ya Friday!


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