Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Middle of the Week Thoughts

Here it is, Wednesday. Humpday - Rum Day... time is ticking toward Spirit Taste 2013 we have nailed
down the food. I am redesigning the comment sheets. Oh and The striped Pig sent samples and I am SO excited. We will have a taste and report here on Friday....

Whats being said on American Made Rum?
Come by and see us for a FREE tour and tasting! Maggie, the distillery dog, will greet you on your way in! #whatsinyourspirit
I can see they are getting ready for Halloween, or the anniversary of Rick, the Rum Runner. 
American Culinary Federation conference in Winston-Salem
Another Craft Rum Distiller out showing off their hard work! 
Well, we will be seeing and talking again Friday -- We will taste some rum from Striped Pig and we will release our Halloween Rum drink recipe..
Till Friday:



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