Friday, October 18, 2013

Let's Taste Striped Pig's Striped Rum!

This South Carolina Company has just really hit the market. They were gracious enough to get samples to me for both tasting and for Spirit Taste 2013. Let's first introduce Striped Pig to all of you. I did a "Glad To Meet You" post a few weeks back, but at the time knew thay were still gearing up to come to market.... Well they did. Here is some information about them and their Distillery as well as the whole staff that makes it all possible.. Special thanks to Todd Weiss and Juliana Harless for getting the samples to me and their sales sheet which will help with more information and some decor here for Sprit Taste 2013....

From their website:
"The original “Striped Pig” is referred to in an Old Sturbridge Village booklet, Rum and Reform, in Old New England. In this selection from A History of the Striped Pig, 1838, we learn of the pig.  
This tongue-in-cheek story obviously drove home the point of the temperance reformers like Carrie Nation and Frances Willard; the pig symbolized all drinking men of that time in our country’s history.

The distillation process separates the alcohol from the fermented liquid. Our individual stills are custom designed to create the highest quality products while bringing out the distinctive flavors of each spirit.
We use both a pot still and a column still, allowing greater variability and control during the distillation process.


Once the distillation process has finished, new liquor can enter one of several finishing processes. Our clear products, including white rum, vodka and moonshine, are gently rested allowing the spirits to smoothen around the edges.
We select only the prime rum and whiskey batches to mature in our custom barrels.


Once a batch of our liquors is matured to perfection, it is prepared for bottling. It is sealed and labeled by hand to ensure the classic Striped Pig kiltered label design, with its exact batch and bottle number hand-written on the label and then signed by the distiller himself."

Make sure you visit their website and take the time to watch the video.... Visit them on FaceBook too...

That all said, Let's pour us some:

Tasting Striped Rum:
The aroma is sugar, almost cotton candy with a gentle, pleasurable molasses after. Being a white rum, I was on the lookout for that first sip "buzz" on the tongue. Very little, very smooth. The flavors, mirroring the essence is molasses, good dark stuff. The flavor is subtle sweet. This is not just for mixing. A white Rum robust and flavorful enough to sip on it's own. A splash of ice cold water ignites the bouquet even more. Sweeter, the complexity released even more. I have to say this is a pig of a different stripe!!! My rating will be on as are all my rum tastings. Because Striped Rum is new -- please give Andy time to install it on my shelf!!!
I have to say - Striped Pig was a white Rum of beyond the ordinary aroma and flavor. A great mix but never pass up its sip-a-bility!

Until Next week!!

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  1. Rick -
    Thanks for the kind words. We are more than thrilled that you enjoyed our rum. We hope to see everyone out and about in the future as we ramp up our production. Keep an eye out for us! Also looking forward to Spirit Taste 2013.

    Todd Weiss
    Striped Pig Distillery