Friday, October 04, 2013

Keeping up to Date

Muddy River Barrel Pour...
Somewhat of a catch up blog today. We have been busy getting ready for Spirit Taste 2013. That moves forward. We have a good list of rums (I'll be listing the finals as we get closer -- allowing time for some promised ones).
In the mean time Distillers have been busy as well -- Let's look across the Rum Barrel...

Old Ipswich Rum was named as Ministry of Rum's Rum of the month -- Kudos! You guys are definitely on my "To Taste" List... A link to The Ministry taste page... Congrats!!!

Things are happening at Muddy River Distillery. Robby Delany has sent some pictures featuring their new "Digs". A far cry from what he showed me this Spring -- can't wait for opening day! Let's take a look...
Finishing the hardwood floors
 The floors look great!

Entrance to the New Facility

Their new, aged Rum -- Drool....
 This sign looks perfect for a business card
Fermenting Deck

I am very excited for Caroline and Robby -- The place looks good, you have a great start with your White rum -- and I bet the Queen Charlotte's is gonna be a BIG winner for you... Need my mailing address??

Look out Charleston and Hilton Head! Striped Pig will be in stores as soon as next week!! #whatsinyourspirit 
Seems Striped Pig is ready to go!!
Look out Charleston and Hilton Head! Striped Pig will be in stores as soon as next week!! 

Come see us at the Breckenridge Craft Distillers Festival this weekend. We will be slinging fall-inspired rum cocktails and tastes! Sure to please.
But only if it's Busted Barrel...
Only if its Busted Barrel   

Well, That is about it for the Runner.... Hope you all have a GREAT weekend -- Sip a bit o rum and -- just because we have not said it in a while...... Make sure you take the time to enjoy the flavors, inhale the aroma and
Till Monday -- I am -- of course:

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