Wednesday, October 02, 2013

It's a Tailwinds Take-Over!

I gave a little of a preview of our Friday night when Tailwinds Distilling did a Tailwinds Take Over at Blarney Stone Pub here in the Chicagoland area. My brother and I showed up a bit early, got the lowdown on where they would set up and we sat back to try some of the offerings from their flyer. Shot a bit of video which my Brother did wonders with so please click and watch...

We went with the Spicy Pork Slider - Slow broasted shredded pork, sauteed onions and bell peppers, piled on a brioche bun; topped with Jalapeno mayo. This was paired with Tailwinds White Rum.

This packs a lot of flavor and the rum better have a big flavor to be found. TW White has a bit of bite and that does come through the porkjalapenaonionpeppers melange in the mouth. I found the very best use was using the fine rum to almost rinse the mouth after a sandwich swallow. Very nice....

Next trial -- BBQ Rib Tip - Two fresh rib tips, brined in rum then deep fried to perfection and tossed in a teriyaki barbeque sauce. Paired with Tailwinds Amber.

A pairing made in heaven. First the tips were very flavorful with a nice rum back taste already there. BIG fan of the sauce and it was liberal and good enough to taste but not strong enough to hid the meat. I loved the Amber pairing -- the smoky woody flavor is a natural with BBQ... Excuse me, I have to lick my fingers once more.

Dessert TIME! How about a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Shooter w/Coffee Rum and Kahlua Chocolate Sauce? Yeah, thought so.

Shooter was a misnomer as the serving was in a juice glass. This was served with Tailwinds Coffee Rum on the side. A pleasant and great tasting to end a meal. Of course, we who love to take things to the next step... Why not as a sundae?? M-M-M-M-M

Drinks Time!
Can't talk a good rum drink without mentioning a Dark & Stormy. Simple not sweet - a great drink winter or Summer:
Taildragger Amber Rum, Ginger beer, and a lime garnish. Very refreshing and the ginger beer cuts out so much sweetness.

Tailwinds Black Magic:
Taildragger Coffee Rum, Bailey's Irish Creme and a dash of rumchata... Lip licking good!

It was a great night and we loved being there -- Gotta stay on the road more!

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