Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to US!

Yeah, it's been a year, a year this coming week or so... I remember how it started, how I first got the idea. It was most likely late September 2012, I was chatting with my wife, I think members of our family were around, and I made myself a simple Rum & Coke. Sometime between first sip and likely a second or third refill, I realized how much I really liked Rum.
Rum. I drank it from time to time but never really stopped to think about it. In 1996 my wife and I cruised the Caribbean and one stop was the island of St Kitts. There they drank a rum named CSR. I found it was the peoples rum, not a fancy rum made to export, but a local, robust Rum. We took a tour or the island in Land Rovers, the guides taking us off the beaten path (including a drive through a cane field, plowing through the 10-to 12 foot tall canes and we exited along a cliff overlooking breathtaking beached. A rest point on the tour, the guides broke out chilled jugs of Pirates Punch made with CSR. My eyes, or more realistically my taste-buds were opened. What a great, different taste. To assure me it was the rum that added the new dimension, a guide gave me a shot, which I tasted and found it far superior than many of the rums I had EVER tasted. Mixed with just Guava juice, the flavor literally exploded in my mouth.
We bout the legal amount and loved it while it lasted once we got home. We re-visited St-Kitts in 2002 and once again we found it - bought it and loved it. But soon after I tried to see if I could find some for sale and get it imported to me. No luck, and one day I found it was gone.... One this blog -- we get a real look at CSR in its last days.. THE RUMELIER AND CARIBBEAN RUM told the story in this article -- Click here
Alas, it was gone - at least gone for me. 
So October 2012, I decided I wanted to write (I am a published author [WolfPointe Twighlight Times books] but had not done a lot of continous writing since about 2006). I wanted to blog -- but I needed a subject. It was then that I set out on my journey... To date I have bee too busy to look back 

Rum -- you gotta love it... You have to lick the glass. Until Wednesday...


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