Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Taste Montanya Rums!

I announce that we are having a Spirits Tasting (more about that at the end of today's blog) and that I'd LOVE to have distillers send samples so I can provide a great taste to the people coming to my home to sample Craft Rum. Well, lo and behold - Montanya Rum contacts me -- gets the address etc and sends not one but two, not samples but actual bottles of their Rums. Both the Platino (White) and Oro (Golden) rums. Now other Distillers have given us Rum when we visit and they are represented in the Spirit Taste 2013 as well, but since Montanya has not been savored by me (tough job but -- hey - get your own blog) and it might be a while before I get to the High Mountains of Colorado, I figured, why not both thank them and sample the rum too? In fact, Friday will be another rum that sent us samples - so Do Not Miss that day's blog either!

Back to Montanya, First The Platino

Aroma: soft, sweet I get vanilla, perhaps a bit of almost licorice. This is an aged rum (in Oak barrels) so I do get just a hint of almost floral in nature. Crisper than I'd expect, let's taste.
The sweetness happens first, then a very crisp transformation to an almost peppery end. At 80 proof , it has just a pleasing bite up-front. The sweetness tends to stay on the tongue and the edges finish with a dry, clean taste. The aftertaste is slight - I find drier. Very nice indeed. While a great mixer - this Plantino is just a much at home in any glass with a splash, a rock and some time.

Now, let's savor the Oro:

Immediately - the butterscotch is wafting up from the glass. A much more pronounced vanilla is in the air. The initial taste, vanilla for sure, a sweetness that lasts longer. Almost a honey flavor that marries with the smokiness of the Oak. This is a real sipping rum, although I can think of one or two drinks that would benefit from it as a mixer. This is not going to last long behind my bar. A warming drink for teh long Football season just starting!
So there you go. Colorado Rums are in the mix. More of a sugar based rum - but the flavor is there and the diversity of taste is what it is all about!

As usual -- You can find my review (and that of other rum aficionados) at In this case Motanya had been established on the site so I was able to post my rating immediately.
Our thanks to Montanya Rum for making their rum available for tasting and rating. Please visit their website and if you wish - you can ascertain if it is available where you live (they have a wide distributions list and I can be bought online).

Spirit Taste 2013
We have nailed the date. Due to some scheduling commitments we have moved the taste nearly a month later than originally planned. Now October 26 (Saturday) will be the date. We will join this group of rum enthusiasts, rum triers and rum learners (still on a permit), as they try the over 12 varieties of rum we will have available. I hope to gather comments, questions and answers perhaps video and just a bunch of information for you, the rum drinker....

Don't forget -- Friday we feature Essential Spirits and we will taste their Rums here - for you....

Until Then; I am:

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