Friday, September 20, 2013

News & Stuff from around the Rum Barrel

Striped Pig (Love that name!) has notified me that they are sending a sample in time for the Spirit Taste 2013. I will hopefully get a chance to taste it before that day and register it here. The date has been locked for October 26th (about 3PM, but still in the planning stage) playing nicely into the "Spirits" thing. I am having a gathering (we hope for 20-30 people) to try out a taste of these rums and hopefully spread the word. So many times I have asked about craft rum at a restaurant or bar and get blank stares. I want to see if we can spread the word a bit and get some exposure to the people who can offer these rums to those who might like. However, I want to practice the whole "taste" thing so am starting with a small group, friends, family neighbors etc that have expressed interest. Then we can move onto the people who can really offer these fine beverages to the public. My dream is to get it into the "Brew & Vine Festival (we need to work spirits into there)" that has grown SO large, that it attracts businesses and crowds from all around the Chicagoland area. I don't need to tell you that is a LOT of people.
Again if you are reading this and would like to attend -- please drop me an email and I'll get right back to you. It will be just a little presentation - the tastings and ratings as well as some comments on video if you wish and then we will mostly just mingle.... We figure the tastings to last about 2 hours and we have no idea how long the mingling will last. I know usually once the family gets together we are talking a L-o-n-g night, so who knows!?!

Reaction From Tastings.

It is always great to hear from you and it was real nice to hear from a new distiller (new to me) who sent samples - and had comments about my taste rating. Gotta say, it is some facinating stuff. I'll comment futher after the post below:

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the write up.

I felt I should point out though, that as happy and amazed as you were with the smoothness of our gold rum... it is actually not an aged rum! That smoothness is 100% indicative of the amazing still we are using to produce it (and realistically all of the spirits we produce). The color and vanilla/caramel notes imparted on the rum are a result of exposure to wood, but not in the traditional method of barrel aging. Normally, when tasting an aged rum... you get the barrel first, with oak and vanillin dominating the palate and the molasses/rum actually becomes an afterthought. With our gold rum, however, we purposefully meant to preserve the molasses/rum experience first, in a nod to the special flavor characteristics of the 100% Hawaiian molasses, by adding wood to the rum, instead of adding the rum to wood.. we get the flavor and color extraction from the blend of differently toasted oak, but the rum is all there. it hasnt been evaporated off in aging, nor effected by the concentration of remaining flavor components as a result of the aging process. It makes this gold rum truly unique. Sorry for waxing poetic, but we are very passionate about our creation.. and apparently, very proud as well ;) Cheers Dave Jr, Head Distiller, Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries 

Thank YOU Dave -- and I have to say what you distillers do to make the rum better is interesting. I recently tasted a rum mad in Michigan (Big Cedar) that used "Oak Sticks" in their process to impart the barrel flavors without the barrel. Yours (Sgt Classick Gold) was especially tasty and if you check my rating at rum ratings -- you'll see; a favorite of mine.
I get a kick out of Distillers thanking me for a write up/review, I get so much enjoyment from doing this that the thanks are all mine. Besides - you're even supplying the booze!

Always looking to share rum stories so please use that email address as much as you'd like!

That's about it for me.. A little hoarse from talking like a pirate all day yesterday..
Oh and one quick vacation story. It took over 60 years for me to visit Disney World (It was fun) and one ride I absolutely HAD to ride was Pirates of the Caribbean! We stood in line (fast-pass so not long at all) I was actually pretty excited as we climbed into the boat and we were launched into The Dark... We got the intro stuff and a need projection onto a waterfall with admonishments for entering the lair. We just started to come upon the first tableau with skeletons on the snow-white beach, a great looking animatronic crab and a seagull.. when the whole thing shuddered to a stop as we slowly rammed the boat ahead of use (who had done the same we saw as had the one before that -- on into the dark...) We sat.... We were told that the ride would restart, a number of times... after 45 minutes, cast members with waders came out, pushed the boats back to where there was a place to get off and we left the ride. Sure we got fast passes to re-ride, but it never stared again that day and we were gone the next.
My Tee-Shirt Idea?
I Broke Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney... What have you done this weekend?

Til next time...

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