Wednesday, September 04, 2013

News and Ideas From Around the Rum Bar

As we look around the Rum World -- we take you to this tidbit from The Atlantic Wire

By: Alexander Abad-Santos  Published: Aug 30, 2013Drink Your Rum
Rum is back — and it's not just for pirates anymore. People are even distilling it in New England, as they did almost two centuries ago. Supposedly, rum is enjoying a "big resurgence" across this land of ours. The best part? This means it is finally cool to order daiquiris. "It’s such a simple drink and it’s delicious and there are just three ingredients: white rum, lime juice and simple syrup," a San Francisco bartender told Food and Wine. And who are we to argue?

I have no argument about that at all !

Things Gleaned From American Made Rum:
Clean your pipes, come get STRIPED! #Pigisms #StripedPigDistillery #WhatsInYourSpirit #NewPigInTown
YAY, another #TrueAmerican #darknstormy day!

RT @WCVB «@Met_CindyFitz This is it... the last muggy day for awhile! Final round of t-storms possible thru late aftn then we dry out. #WCVB

Wow, what a crazy weekend! We had quite a kick-off with the new Texas Distilled Spirits laws. Thanks so much to my crew yesterday, Dan & Staci Stoller worked their butts off! Thanks also to Matt (for working on his birthday) and Erik for coming and spending the weekend with us at the distillery.
Big tour group tomorrow morning. I will be open for retail sales tomorrow (Wed.) from 10 AM - 2 PM. Every Saturday in September we are open from 10 AM - 3 PM with tours at 10 and 12. Tours are $5 per person. You must be 21 years or older, we are basically a bar now and there additional rules and regulations we need to follow. Come by for your autographed bottle of Railean Rum or Agave, direct from the distillery.
Arrrggghhhh! Look what I made for my first mate, it was his Birthday yesterday. He had to work at the rummery, but we did celebrate with cake.
Montanya Distillers
What an absolutely, perfectly glorious day to be in Crested Butte, CO!!!
 Jersey Artisan Distilling
Happy Labor Day! Hope you're kicking back with some Busted Barrel, our labor of love for you! #livejerseydrinkjersey #bustedbarrel
Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you're spending it relaxing with your loved ones & your favorite bottle of tailwinds of course!
 Las Vegas Distillery
Thank you everybody for visiting us today! We have new friends!:) Cheers!


Plans continue -- We appreciate the interest of Distillers that have expressed their willingness to help. Thank you to Montanya Distillers whose gift of full bottle samples arrived (THANK YO SO MUCH!) and we have talked to more that have said they will be sending samples soon. I will have such a great selection to taste, comment upon and offer for tasting at ST2013.

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