Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birtday Plans & New Twitter Followers of Note

I can't recall where/when I got the idea (brilliant/stupid you choose) to have a Spirit Taste and for some reason tie it into The Fall, October, Halloween etc.... Today as I was drawing up the invites (If you'd like to come just email me and we can try to set you up!) and trying to keep the number under 50, It hit me. #1 Town-home living does not afford a lot of guest space. #2 RTRR will be 1 year old October 28th! Literally, two days after Spirit Taste 2013! So I got that working for me...
So far we have now sent out the invites, planned the tasting (and the social hours to follow) and even put together a bit of food and snack plan as well. I want to make it informative, fun, tasty, fun and expand everyone's' palette a bit (and have fun).

Contacts continue to grow and I hope in a mutually beneficial way. I have as a Twitter follower and to whom I also follow SippingRums @SippingRum whose intro says: "I am a new convert to aged sipping rums vs. my usual scotch, cognac or bourbon. I hope to share my beverage of choice with great people like you!" So we are thinking cross linking etc etc... but in the meantime include SR in your rum tweets! Also, The Rum Log @RumLog and his intro: "Rum … pirate or parrot head, historian or connoisseur; if you have an appreciation for rum, join Steve Orne and The Rum Log and explore all things rum. Cheers!" Again include @RumLog in your tweets and enjoy even more rum news!!
Good time to let you know -- Add us on you Twitter account as well -- @Rick_Rum_Runner, make sure you visit our Facebook page (And please like it!) 
We are always looking for things rum related. Can't say we use everything but we love looking, reading and tasting it...

Happy Monday.. Remember without Mondays, there would be no time to think about the last weekend.
Go Bears!!

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  1. Rick, thanks so much for the shout out about the @rumlog . We're also on Facebook at . I wish we were closer, I'd love to attend or collaborate on the "Tasting." Congrat's on your pending 1st Birthday. Cheers, Steve