Friday, September 06, 2013

Getting Set & Singing....

OK not me -- but click the Video and listen while you read. The Andrew Sisters do SUCH a better job of it.

The Spirit Taste (2013) is coming together. Anyone who is in/near the Chicagoland area who would like to attend -- please slip me an email and we can get you all involved. It was originally set up to be friends and relatives - but why not willing blog readers and American Made Rum drinkers as well?? The date stands at September 28 2013. I know it is not good for some and perfect for others... We have to go with what we have!
Next, I have to thank the supporters of this impromptu event. I have built up quite the reserve of rum and wanted to list our bar:

Richland Rum -- Richland Rum
Essential Spirits -- Sgt Classick Gold
Montanya Rum -- Colorado Mountain Rum Oro
Cedar Ridge -- Dark Rum
New Holland -- Freashwater Amber Rum
FireFly -- Sea Island Spiced Rum
Mississippi River Distilling Co -- Dry Dock Sorghrum

Essential Spirits -- Sgt Classick Silver
Montanya Rum -- Colorado Mountain Rum Platino
Northern Latitudes -- Manitou Passage Rum
Ugly Dog -- Ugly Dog Rum
Tailwinds -- Taildragger Rum White
Journeyman -- Roads End Rum
Muddy River -- Carolina Rum
Prichards -- Chrystal Rum

I want to thank all these Distillers for their Rums. Some were bought by us in our travels - some given by the passionate Master Distillers we were honored to meet and discuss their dreams and ides, still others I have not met who have sent us samples to try and comment about. As time continues I will amend this list as needed.
About the list -- First is the dark rums, aged rums.. Somewhat lumped together but truly each with a distinct personality - of which I have really grown fond of. Next is a Spiced rum -- the only one I have at this date available. The very next is not "legally" a rum at all because it is made of Sorghum. This one struck me as almost the most creative and in a way very American. To be frank -- a damned good rum too!  MRDC has decided to not run it this year so its availability is less - I bet they will make it a constant soon though...

We have a side cart with some Liqueurs and Spirits that are not rum -- they to will be available for tasting and deep admiration. These are from some of the same distillers as represented above.

As promised -- the Video and my suggestion that you read the blog while it plays... very entertaining.

Haven't I always been:

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