Monday, September 30, 2013

From Friday, Tailwinds Pairings - First Impressions

As mentioned here earlier, Chicago's Craft Spirits week was celebrated just this last week. I managed to join in by heading out to Oak Forest and enjoy a Rum Food Pairing at The Blarney Stone Pub. This is a quick reporting of what happened, filling in with large coverage later.
Let me mention the Tailwinds was the first Rum Distiller I visited in person and the second Craft Rum I had tasted. In addition, it helped me consolidate the whole American Made Rum identity possible and complete in my mind. As busy as they have been this last year, it was nice to connect with Tailwinds and renew our connection.

Cooking using Rum as an ingredient and/or paired with foods is a growing phenom and I had hoped a fun one as well. I was not disappointed at any point. Also, a few Rum drinks were offered so I had to try those as well.

Let me give you a hook here and say the following:
1. Pork Sliders with Rum -- Yeah baby
2. BBQ Rib Tips paired with Rum -- Wear a bib when I describe this one
3. A little Black Magic that brings out the natural marriage for coffee Rum and makes a winter Rum drink, warming and fun!
4. Rum drinks too sweet? - As discussed here last week, not so fast lil Runner. A refreshing, not so sweet summer Rum Drink ....

When I left, Jamey was handling the crowds well and Tailwinds was getting many Thumbs up for the Rum..  We will have bigger better Wednesday and Friday -- watch for videos too!!!
Updates on Spirit Tasting 2013 Next time!

We will talk more -- Wednesday!!

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