Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Center of The Week! Updates!

Had a great response to our updates so we continue.

Seems Our Twitter account, @Rick_Rum_Runner, has been percolating and attracting new followers (and new follows for me). I neglected to welcome another Twitter follower --- The Rum Trader @therumtrader. Sounds like a good follow for my faithful, so please, follow when ready! Their description; "Rum lover who's endlessly searching for Uncharted, Micro-distilled, or Macro-distilled rums." Sounds right to the point and a great point it is!

Prep-work for Spirit Taste 2013 continues so we will update you on that when things change. I have to make comment cards and think about staging, set-up; all that stuff...

Tailwinds Distillery, a local Rum maker is having a Rum Pairing gathering at a local pub (The Blarney Stone) this Friday. I intend on being there so watch out for info and content from there. Who knows I may even try a video!!

As the weather changes, I hope to have more time to update the blog-site. I have to search out some new Distillers and finish the internet access index for our Distillers of record. 

Have a great Hum..... no; Not gonna say it.

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