Monday, August 26, 2013

Wrapping Up August

Seems like so much time has slipped by so quickly! Here at RTRR we have begun to plan our Spirit Tasting to take place Sept 28. I have a good supply of Rum and a few other spirits I have gathered from Distillers we know and have visited. I have had some positive reaction to a plea to Distillers to send samples for us to taste and comment. While reading comments and notes from various Distillers, a new idea popped into my head:
We need to identify Distillers that have online selling. Now there are few lines I need to add to the web which I have fallen into. What about those who have distribution that is outside their State and may include your?? Hmmm? 
See this came about from more than one Distiller that was very positive about what we do here at RTRR, but since they have limited distribution say local or only state-wide, they really felt it was not in their best interest to be included in the tasting. I can see their point. Face it I'd love for everyone to send me free booze -- but I can see their point if the limited audience to this site along with a distribution that may not leave their establishment let alone their state, really is not going to help them. So yeah -- I totally understand.
BUT(a big But)

Many Distillers distribute beyond their states (and within the states that sometimes are pretty darned BIG) and some can and do have an online sales position. Now the online sales kind of fit into my lifestyle so well. And the easiest way for most of us to buy. Face it, to sit here and click onto a Distillery some 1700 miles away and punch a button or two to get some eye-rolling, lip-smacking - glass-licking rum is well worth the shipping costs. Now, if it is distributed to my state and is less than an hours drive... OK we can buy it! Or if my local Binny's will order and get it for me... LOVING IT! So we need to make it known that it is very important that you -- That's you, yeah you the one reading this and wondering how many tastes I have had already (none of your business friend), and have that quizzical look on your face, that you GO TO THE WEBSITE. See most of the Distillers have a tab that says WHERE TO BUY OUR PRODUCT, or some similarly worded statement. This will tell you if they have an on-line option - a local store (local for you) or some other method to get that bottle to you and into a glass very near you soon. For now and for the ease of us who don't want to risk drinking and driving (yeah sometimes buying a new rum -- driving home with it in the car -- is sometimes like driving home with burgers and fries....) Thankfully, we can't SMELL the rum like the fried potatoes but oh... if we could.... I digress
Woman love for Rum, it's a beautiful thing
I can list if the Distiller has an online store by changing the color of their listing! That way you can spot the online ones to explore a new rum taste from a far location - brought directly into your Rum Tasting Room... Sigh.. Paradise. It is my job -- no, MY DUTY; to make sure you, the appreciative lover of fine rum is made aware of the easiest path to said elixir.
So I -- Rick The Rum Runner (#RTRR) have a new task and you all have a new duty -- LOOK at my listings of distillers and watch the colors change!! Hey -- check out the Distillers before you vacation - and see which ones you can stop into visit - I'm telling you -- It is a good time and a great way to expand you Rum Horizons! But now know which ones you can order directly from!
Till Wednesday! I Remain

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